Staff Picks: Katie's Favorite Valentine's Day Cards



give it.

Cards by Red Cap Cards

Your heart, a sparrow, has found a nest. No strong, frozen February wind could ever blow and carry you away from your love, your home.

If you are like me, you revel in the quiet moments. The long breath of an evening spent folded together beside a winding river. Love notes passed through clouds of steam which whisper over hot, milky tea. Plunging hands into the ground and pulling out something new. Growing your garden as slowly and joyfully as your souls have grown and sewn themselves together. Walking together. How I love to walk and wander with my beloved. 

These are just a few of my favorite cards at O'Suzannah right now. They invoke memories of the times spent with the one I so deeply love. The quiet moments.

sale & shop hours update!

hello again, friends! many of you know, our winter sale started on wednesday, and you guys have been amazing! we love seeing you scoop up some deals, and holy moly, scoop you have! as a result, we are planning a soft reopening of our usual space (114 4th street) this thursday, february 11, so you can snag some valentine goodies to share with all those who are near and dear! 

as for the sale in our temporary space next door (formerly telegraph), we are choosing to keep it going but with more limited hours. here's our shop schedule for the coming week:

monday, february 8 -- all of o'suzannah CLOSED
tuesday, february 9 -- sale side open 10:00 - 2:00
wednesday, february 10 -- sale side open 10:00 - 2:00
thursday, february 11 -- sale side 10:00 - 2:00 & regular side 12:00 - 6:00
friday, february 12 -- regular side open 10:00 - 6:00
saturday, february 13 -- both sides open 10:00 - 6:00
sunday, february 14 -- regular side open 12:00 - 5:00 sale side open 12-4
we really appreciate your patience as we try to get the shop back into shape with lots of new spring treats, and we apologize for the abbreviated hours! please don't hesitate to hit us up with questions, and, don't forget, the best place to find daily updates is on our facebook page or on instagram

sweet greetings for the littles in your life

remember when you were little and getting your own piece of mail was earth-shattering? to be honest, i still get pretty excited when i receive a hand-addressed envelope in my mailbox. valentine's is a great excuse to send some snail mail to the kids in your life, and we are loving the options below.
it's a dog. in a hard hat. thank you for that, red cap cards. 
rigel stuhmiller brings us dinos & other choice critters of the painfully cute variety.
hello! lucky amps up the neon quotient in these sweet treats.
who doesn't want a la familia green warthog in their mailbox?

gifties for your valentine

today we wanted to share some of favorite gifties, from jewels and gems to books and bags. don't forget that we also have something that is sure to hit the spot for everyone on your list -- soft, chewy, decadent caramels. handmade in minnesota since 1981, we an barely keep these in stock. if you've had one, you know what i'm talking about. 

let's start with some jewels...
pyrrha is a perennial favorite, and this is one of our most beloved talismans. "inseparable" features a shield whose pattern is that of a true lover's knot. each strand is able to move about the other, yet they are inseparable. 
pyrrha's "heart print" works for a partner, a daughter, a sister, a mother. translated from the french, its inscription reads "you are imprinted on my heart."
we love local jewelry artist laurel denise, and we just got a new supply of brown (pictured above) and gold leather bracelets! laser engraved with a variety of sweet words, including "all you need is love," "loved," "to the moon and back," "xoxo," and many more.
laurel also just started making these beautiful cuffs with a design in gold on dark brown leather.
a classic and iconic pattern in a variety of super-functional shapes, we're excited to have orla kiely's bags and wallets in the shop. (and more patterns are due in this spring!) seriously, you can't go wrong with orla. 
the hobo lauren wallet never goes out of style and continues to be one of the most coveted items we have in the shop! available in a variety of colors, including black, gray, rosewood, mint, and caramel.
we just received a new shipment of candles & soaps from paddywax, and we are loving this romantic floral packaging. it's a nice reminder that spring is on its way!
poppy soap co.'s organic lip butters have the cutest packaging (hey sweets!) and complex flavors like peppermint basil and tangerine vanilla. this company donates 5% of their sales to women's shelters in the u.s., which is definitely a program we can get behind. 
thich nhat hanh is one of our favorite authors, and "how to love" promises to offer a new perspective on bringing love into our lives in all sorts of ways.
"your love life in lists." enough said. 
which love bird are you? an unusual and insightful approach to relationships that could make for fun date night perusal.
you know what else goes well with that date night? poppin' some tops with this bottle opener handmade by beehive in massachusetts. 
and finally, this sweet book is well-suited for anyone who has your heart this valentine's day! 

love love love for your love

we know that valentine's day can be a touchy subject, but the way we see it, it's a time to tell everyone you love just how much they mean to you. grandparents, parents, husbands, wives, kids, friends -- they're all part of this love-fest. at the rate we're going, our dog might even get a valentine. today kicks off a week of valentine's posts, showcasing some of our favorite cards & gift ideas.  today we're showing you some of our top picks for your special schmoopy.

sweet valentines for one and all!

we are in card overload here at o'suz, and we LOVE IT! it gives us the warm fuzzies to see so many people picking out the perfect card, or cards, for their love, their friends, sons and daughters. everyone can use a sweet note during these dreary february days! 
waste not paper

the great lakes
dear hancock

ghost academy

belle & union
 zeichen press

banquet atelier

hartland brooklyn

smudge ink

mr. boddington's 


rifle paper co.

valentines for all!

remember back when you got valentines from everyone in your class? at my school we always crafted little valentines mailboxes that hung on the front of our desks, and by the end of the day they were bulging with notes from friends and sweethearts. we still think it's fun to send our friends and family a sweet treat this time of year! here are some boxed cards and lovey temporary tattoos that appeal to all ages!

saucy sentiments

valentine's day is sneaking up on us, and we're loving these saucy sentiments! some are new to us, and others are old favorites. regardless, we think they'll get the message across. (and who says they need to be valentines -- these are great for pulling out any old day!) 

carolyn suzuki  



 zeichen press

 egg press

egg press

belle & union

 the great lakes

the great lakes

round one!

the first time i met my husband's two sons, ben and nick fisher,
i think we were equally nervous and excited.
we bumbled through the initial meet and greet moments, got past the awkwardness, hung out and then said our goodbyes. i will never forget when todd
(their dad and my now husband) shouted out, "love and like you" as they left my house.
he still says it to them often, and it is no less touching to hear now.
don't forget those you love (and like).

here is round one of our favorite valentine's greetings, some tried and true, some brand new!

from la familia green:

party and raffle news

valentines is clearly not just for lovers, it seems it's for everyone, as it should be. between the snow and the cold, peeps just wanna have some fun. so the party was a huge success, with almost all bubbly and chocolate gone by the end and lots of gifts and treats snatched up. this party goes down as the funnest one we have ever had at o'suz. i have to admit with all that was going on in town i had the feeling in my gut that only a few people would come, boy was i wrong. thank you to everyone for making it a memory for us at the shop. here are some pics and then on to raffle news:

so we have been collecting names for our mystery raffle since first thing friday morning and plan to draw names this evening, feb 14, and post and call the winners tomorrow around 11. just to mix it up we plan draw 14 names, all 14 of whom will win a one time 20 dollar shopping trip in to o'suz. this way, there will be lots a happy people and we can feel we are spreading the love around. stay tuned for us to post the winners tomorrow morn!!!

don't forget...

to swing on by for our valentines party where we are having lots of pink bubbly, various chocolate yummies, and 20% off all jewels, all things pink, all things red and anything silver or gold. this includes highway bags, doran accessories, hobo walllets, slip lamps, candles, books, product,cards and much more. come by anytime between 4 and 7 ish. don't forget there is a surprise raffle too!!!
also, in happenings , are art openings at eloise, 2nd street gallery, mcguuffey, a wine tasting benefit for haiti at live arts, a wine tasting at market street wine shop, "art and copy" film at the paramount, birdlips are playing at the southern, soja (soldiers of jah army) at the jefferson and probably lots more. include us in your line up and you won't be sorry. we hope to see you....

valentines party at o'suz feb 12th!

with all this snow we fear some of you have been unable to do your
valentine's shopping. likewise, we have been closed a few days for
obvious reasons. so, in honor of all this white falling from the sky
and all the red, pink, and sparklies that need homes in o'suz, we are
throwing a valentine's party!!!

when: friday, february 12th from 3-7pm
where: o'suzannah, where else?
who: you, we hope!

the scoop: 20% off all jewels, as well as all things red and all things pink.
also, in case you are still planner shopping, we will have planners
galore, both dated 2010 and undated, at 40% off just for the evening.

menu will include the essentials: chocolate and pink bubbly.
bring a friend and perhaps treat yourself, you know you want to.

we will also hold a raffle of some sort..details to follow....

please rsvp if you can to

we are seeing red at o'suz

well, it's that time of year to show your love (and like) to the peeps in your life. one way, and our favorite, is to give the gift of paper and pen. to help out with this, we've got oodles of cards, some mushy, some funny, some pretty, all fabulous!!! here is just a small sampling:

from our new friends egg press

i love you best card

you're out of sight! card

growing love card

you're unbelievable "nessy" card

i am not sure at what point...

your love saves my day

caught in the tentacles of love

i want to hibernate with you

"your love will turn me on" oh yoko card

i lichens you a lot

we flock together

but do you like me-like me?

we also have plenty of fun stamps and blank mix and match cards from waste not paper so you can be crafty and make your own!