take a hazel village critter home!

we just welcomed the cutest bunch of critters into the shop! they would be the sweetest little surprise in an easter basket. all of these friends are ethically made from organic cotton, and you can also collect different outfits for their adventures. don't we all need a trekking ensemble with striped socks and fringed moccasins?

  emma rabbit
catalina mouse
miss flora fox

gwendolyn raccoon
 owen fox
 gracie cat
 annicke mouse
 nicholas bear cub
 zoe rabbit

gracie cat
 easter outfit

for your ballet recital

striped socks and moccasins for trekking!

new holztiger critters!

we recently received a big shipment of holztiger critters, some of which are new additions to our menagerie. check them out!

little sheep and a happy baby cow for your farmyard!

we love our foxes, and this new one is bounding through the forest at top speed.

make your own aviary with these colorful little birds.

ruff ruff! look at all those smiling puppy faces!

whales and crabs to celebrate beachy weather!

Holztiger Wooden Animal Friends

soon after redford was born, his auntie jessica brought him a most adorable wooden fox that she picked up on a trip to new york. if it was not reds favorite toy at the time, it sure was mine(mind you, he was only months old). the fox was made by holztiger, a line we now carry and adore! Holztiger is a German company that specializes in handcrafted wooden toys and figures, and we absolutely go nuts over their collection of forest creatures in particular. Each little critter is painted with extreme detail, using only non-toxic water-based paints. Perfect for kids over 3 years and pretty much any adult...
a rabbit with its ears cocked

a cute little hedgie
(needless to say this was our fave)

a wise owl

a skunky

a mischievous raccoon
a sweet fawn (coming soon)

a tiny mole

a perky squirrel

and if the above images do not make your heart pitter patter look at how cute these are!
our sweet friend and customer april sent us these of where their animals now live.
all i can say is that is one inhabited forest and those are some lucky critters!