summer sale is mere hours away...

anyone out there awaiting news of our annual summer sale?
wait no more!
here's the scoop:
we will be closing tomorrow (june 11th) at 2 to set up for the sale
which will begin promtly at 10 wednesday morning (june 12th)
make no mistake that as usual, the sale is giganormous
but quantities and sizes are limited so make haste friends!
hope to see lots of you later this week.
how bout all this rain?
happy summer folks!

so i have been thinking it would be fun
to continue celebrating our 15th birthday.... for the rest of 2011!
every month o'suz will run a special on an artist or item.
it's that simple.
if you are interested in the deal, all you need do is mention this blog post.


festa and company lamps:

"The distinctive designs incorporate steel and river rocks,
giving each piece a rich signature look."

25% off!

o'suz just had another birthday.

15 years ago yesterday, actually,
i opened my doors in the central place here downtown.
5 locations later, we are happy and settled in our spot on 4th street.
in an effort to celebrate this most significant anniversary
i am making the following list of goods (15 items)
15% off for the rest of march for you, our fine friends and readers alike.

1. all highway bags
2. all jenna rose bins (small and large)
3. all bla bla pants
4. all oopsy daisy art canvas'
5. all daphne olive jewels
6. all shiraleah bags from the harper series
7. all canvas candles
8. all rae dunn woodgrain ceramics: including bird houses, planters and toiletry sets
9. all archipelago diffusers
10. all washi tapes
11. all la compagnie de provence hand creams and bar soaps
12. all tokyo milk perfumes (solid and spray)
13. all festa and company lamps
14. large bla bla dolls
15. all jill bliss posters

...the only catch is that you must mention this blog post.
you could just say "happy birthday" and that would suffice.
we do plan to email this info as well but that may take another day to pull off.
whatcha waitin' for, come treat yourself!!!

handmade in vancouver: pyrrha

our new shipment arrives saturday!!!!(just in the nick of time, eh?)
if you would like to get an in stock pyrhha piece for someone special,
please mention this post and we will gladly take 25% off thru monday.

Wax Seal Necklaces

All Pyrrha wax seal necklaces, pendants and charms are cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from 19th century wax seals. Each of these unique pieces of wax seal jewelry feature insignia rich with meaning culled from heraldry.

summer sale news

hello friends!

our summer sale is just days away, kicking off thursday, june 3 at 10 am!

here are just a few of the many, many goodies we've included:

built market totes and wine totes
hobo wallets (select colors)
smafolk shirts for wee ones!
highway bags (select styles)
susan fleming jewelry
a selection of dryads dancing frames
books and stationery galore

ALL sale will be priced as marked with goods ranging from 40%-75% off.
all "sale sales" are final, so choose wisely.
as usual, this will be a big, juicy sale, so we advise you stock up for upcoming birthdays, christmas, etc..

in an effort to reduce waste and reuse what we admittedly all have lying around, we are offering $1 off to all who bring their own bags.
if you purchase an envirosax reusable bag to cart your sale swag home, you'll get $1 off the price of the envirosax!
these dollars will be tallied and donated to our local s.p.c.a by o'suz at sale's end.

see you soon!

sale news

alert the media!!! i got a day to myself today, a gift from my man, and what did i do? i worked,
but really, it's what i love to do and so it's natural that i ran to o'suz where i found myself knee deep in a rearrange of the sale with the help of my lovely assistant aaron, which then evolved into markdowns of the sale and add ins to the sale, which of course entails purging! so....i'll get to the point. we have a few fixtures and props for sale, some sold today but there are a few more. for example, our coveted by some, red and white enamel table with 2 leaves ($95) 2 of our vertical bookstands from hold everything ($100 for both) and a few other odds and come by tomorrow and check out either the markdowns the add ins, and or the o'suz sale props!!!! 

welcoming 2010 and prepping for sale

so as we settle into 2010 and reflect on 2009 (a little), it is safe for us to say that we were happy to turn the page. o'suz loves change and a new year always holds great possibilies. we hope to have a website soon and an an online shop as well, but in the mean time it is business as usual and that is OK!

as always, our sale is just around the bend. the plan, as of now, is to have it all out by this monday, january 4rth, at opening. there is a fair amount: lots of books and tons and tons of cards and kids stuff comes to mind, as i type from home on this uber windy day. it is safe to say though, that it will be as juicy as always cuz once i get going, i usually get wild hairs and throw some serious merch in for good measure. aaron will be there monday to sell it up and i will be there tuesday working for our lovely jessica who is in italia teaching for 3 weeks!!!
* miss you jessa, says red

come see us if u can,
here's to goodtimes in 2010.

24 hours from now....

i know where at least 80 of you will be- AT O"SUZ being festive and sharing in the holiday cheer we plan to spread around with glee. are you coming? 4-8 at o'suz (on 4th street northeast).
at the very least there will be bubbly spirits (with alcohol and without), serious 2 4 1 goodies, perfect for gift giving including lots of kids and baby goods 2 4 1!!! .....and don't forget the 15 % off storewide during those hours, just for you!!!!

'tis the season to be jolly and so...

....o'suz is having a holiday bash to kick off the season in style-with spirits and sweet deals.
date: november 19th (next thursday) 
time: 4-8 pm
details are as follows:
we will have spirits to share and it will be the big reveal of the 2 for 1 for this year.
as well, we will be offering 15% off regular merch storewide during those hours, (no exceptions here). the party is casual but private. it's not the party you bring everyone you know and their kids to. not because we don't want a big turn out, but because if rsvp's mean anything at all, we will have a full house. in other words, with this get together, we are hoping to thank our blog readers and our mailing listers,  so if you are reading this, that's you! 

come and see all the xmas goodies we are putting out as i write, including amazing ornaments, cards and stockings as well as the 2 for 1 which is seriously juicy people, just ask aaron: she has been tending to it for months now as we work our way towards the season of giving. we did it last year, much later and it was a huge success, but with much less hooplah. this time we want to make it a treat. so between the xmas cheer and goodies and the 2 for 1, there will be much to see and buy!!! get it while the gettin's good. 

please rsvp to:

serious reductions in the summer sale

quick post about the sale, the following goods have been drastically reduced by 75%!!!!!!
* stuffed peratree studio turtles (all made from recycled materials) were 28 now 7
*dwell pillows were 38 now 9.50
*family organizers were 25 now 6.25
*oopsy daisy monkey placemats sets were 50 now 12.50
*vilmain kids tooth fairy box was 38 now 9.50
*vilmain placecard holders were 54 now 13.50 (great wedding present to tuck away)
*french bull sets of cannisters were 38 now 9.50
*studio vertu coasters sets of 4 were 42 now 10.50
*(some of) ashley g prints were 26 now 6.50

come on in and see the other exciting markdowns that will happen daily until the sale gets packed up and put away at the end of the month.