round one!

the first time i met my husband's two sons, ben and nick fisher,
i think we were equally nervous and excited.
we bumbled through the initial meet and greet moments, got past the awkwardness, hung out and then said our goodbyes. i will never forget when todd
(their dad and my now husband) shouted out, "love and like you" as they left my house.
he still says it to them often, and it is no less touching to hear now.
don't forget those you love (and like).

here is round one of our favorite valentine's greetings, some tried and true, some brand new!

from la familia green:

colorful pressies in abundance at o'suz

the boxes have not stopped coming just because it's the week of christmas.

come see what else has come in!

new bike scarf by little lark, some guys could even pull this off!!

animal greetings stationary pack, great for all ages

little book of letter press

danica dishtowels

sukie iron ons for those who want to get crafty

sukie animals on parade card sets

DIY cookbook

cath kidston strawberry spiralbound notebook
cath kidston recipe holder
(awesome if you or a loved one do what i do
and pull out recipes from mags
and then don't know what to do with them)hedgie nail brushes

edgy cool postcards x 100!!!!

envirosax cross body bag

susie gharamani's sticky notes

blooms journal and letter writing pad

listography-your life in lists

snow and graham's wall calendars

jill bliss

you know we love love love jill bliss, and so we are so pleased to have oodles of new jill bliss paper goods all around the store. jill bliss has been up to a lot since we interviewed her many moons ago.

check out all the new prints, posters, note cards and more!

tree house card

turtle city print

bear art print

wapiti meadow art print

pacific octopus shoreline art print

tidepool starfish artprint

the black bear forest notecard

the wapiti meadow notecard

the pika boulders notecard


classic jill bliss poppies art print
due back in this week

dandylion press

just in time for spring and easter, we have lots of goodies from our new friends at
dandylion press. between those adorable bunnies, chickadees and jackalopes, how can you resist?!

golden yellow black bunny card

prepared for all contingencies brown jackalope card

bright eyed bunny card

playing with fireworks card

baby jackalope out for an amble round the park

chicken and chick card

repro depot

....has left the station in massachusetts and rolled into our town!!!
o'suz is stock full of this collection of goods by textile extraordinaire, djerba goldfinger.
behold the goodness:

trio tablet set

sticky notes

folk and flora stationary pack

Reprodepot Pattern Book: Folk: 225 Vintage-Inspired Textile Designs

Reprodepot Pattern Book: Flora: 225 Vintage-Inspired Textile Designs

aside note:
aaron, jessica and myself got together a few years back and made paper chains of all shapes and sizes. let me tell u, had these books been available then, we would definitely have used them up. they are amazing for all kinds of paper projects, the hardest part would be choosing patterns and then putting scissors to them!

the small object

the small object is one of the cutest shops on the web. owned and operated by sarah neuburger of savannah, georgia. the small object is a little cottage industry that offers up eccentric, delightful everyday objects from papergoods to housewares. luckily, she also collaborated with chronicle books to offer up the below special treats (see below). o'suz has all 3 of course!!

some sweet press for the small object:

thumbprint card set-adorable!

small object labels and stickers

small object sticky notes!