sweet valentines for one and all!

we are in card overload here at o'suz, and we LOVE IT! it gives us the warm fuzzies to see so many people picking out the perfect card, or cards, for their love, their friends, sons and daughters. everyone can use a sweet note during these dreary february days! 
waste not paper

the great lakes
dear hancock

ghost academy

belle & union
 zeichen press

banquet atelier

hartland brooklyn

smudge ink

mr. boddington's 


rifle paper co.

valentines for all!

remember back when you got valentines from everyone in your class? at my school we always crafted little valentines mailboxes that hung on the front of our desks, and by the end of the day they were bulging with notes from friends and sweethearts. we still think it's fun to send our friends and family a sweet treat this time of year! here are some boxed cards and lovey temporary tattoos that appeal to all ages!

saucy sentiments

valentine's day is sneaking up on us, and we're loving these saucy sentiments! some are new to us, and others are old favorites. regardless, we think they'll get the message across. (and who says they need to be valentines -- these are great for pulling out any old day!) 

carolyn suzuki  



 zeichen press

 egg press

egg press

belle & union

 the great lakes

the great lakes

back to school extras!

there are the school supplies that you have to have, and then there are those that make school work (and office work!) a little more fun...here are some of our favorite desk treats.

first you need some cute pencil pouches...
filled with lots of fun washi tape.
 then you need a cute sticky note to do list...
 and maybe some pie graph stickies, too.
 or insects and leaves...
 and in the giant sticky note category, this weekly planner takes the cake.
top it off with a colorful recycled leather notebook that will bring a bit of cheer to notetaking!

back to school!

back to school is always one of our favorite times of year -- fresh crayons and pens, nice clean notebooks, a new book bag -- all these things make us a little giddy. a new school year also means a new planner, and we have tons of new styles at the shop. here are a few...
this "vintage year" planner is available in brown and peach, too. 
the inscription on the front reads "a dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true."
easel-style weekly planner with a magnetic closure.
also available in red. 
this planner has charming drawings scattered throughout. 
two super cute pocket-size planners with stickers included!
this one reminds me of the blog things organized neatly.  
for setting goals and making a plan of action!
each day of this planner is enclosed by a frame.
the red clover planner is always a favorite here, 
and it's also available in aqua. 
ecojot weekly planners come in a few different styles as well.
this weekly planner has a pocket on the front for an image of your choice.

the images above and below are both planner pads that allow you to tear off 
each month and week, respectively.

millimeter/milligram has acquired a dedicated following in the states,
and the draw your tomorrow and tomorrow planners are great spiral-bound options.
all of the planners we've seen so far have been undated, so you can start them whenever you like. we do have one planner and one calendar that start in august of 2012 and offer monthly views through december 2013.
come by and ask to see the selection, and we'll happily give you a planner tour! 
stay tuned for more back to school treats! 

new from fawnsberg

we have admired patricia mumau's beautiful script for some time, so we were so excited when she and her sister rachel created fawnsberg, a beautiful stationery line that both reminds me of the neatly composed letters my grandmother used to send and makes me want to write everyone i know a letter! we've got several letter sets that come with 12 printed sheets, 24 plain sheets, a line guide for neat penmanship, and 12 tissue-lined french envelopes. and they come in a super cute box to boot!

the sisters mumau also recently introduced some single and boxed cards that have been a big hit here in the shop. 

can you spot the mouse in the meadow?

and holy moly, are the fawnsberg rubber stamps amazing!


new from blackbird letterpress

 we just got a juicy shipment of goods from baton rouge's blackbird letterpress today! kathryn has an amazing series of die-cut critter cards, perfect for tucking in a little something special with your note.

bear hugs for everyone!
 woot owl.

 beeeeee mine.

crafty fox.
 get whale.


 happy birthday pelican.

 missing u.

 two of our favorite cards from blackbird are the wagon and camper.
it all comes flat, like you see below. you cut it up, glue it together, and voila, you
have a 3-d vintage vacation. (the wagon and the camper come separately, so you can 
opt for one or the other or both.)

lastly, we also have this beautifully letterpressed perpetual calendar in stock. 
perfect for hanging, and it never gets old! there's even a special treat on the back, 
a diagram identifying all the species of birds featured on the front.

bunnylopes for all!

we just replenished our bunnylope supply from dandylion press! maia hand draws all of her designs and then letterpresses them in san francisco. each bunnylope card comes complete with information regarding the particular breed featured. for example, did you know that wild southwestern bunnylopes learn to sing at a young age? these are all good things to know about this elusive creature...

and for good measure we threw in some rabbits, chicks, and...a lemur.

rifle paper co. is oh so lovely

"Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique stationery brand and design studio based in Winter Park, Florida created by Anna Bond together with her husband Nathan.

Our products feature Anna's whimsical designs which often include hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless. We specialize in cards, miscellaneous paper goods, invitation templates, children's goods, and art prints. Most of our goods are printed on soft, heavyweight paper stock and our stationery products are coupled with classic pointed shaped envelopes. We take great care in choosing all of our stock and printing methods to ensure our designs come to life in a way that's elegant, durable, and beautiful"

...and now we have fill in invites!!!!!

you've been asking and we listened.


sukie sukie sukie!!!!
love the british husband and wife team

sukie's goods made in collaboration with chronicle books:

sukie sticky notes

sukie iron-ons

sukie perpetual calendar

animals on parade note card set
for all ages!!!!!

sukie box of lots and lots of labels
these were unavailable for a time and caused quite the stir...

coming soon, sukie paper block

from sukie in the u.k. we have the following:

sukie blank book #1

sukie blank notebook #2

These two sided simple books with lined pages
take their inspiration from notebooks
found in markets across India.
mention this post and you, our reader, can get 2 for 1 on these!!!

last but not least, i can't say enough about sukie's textile group. they are at one time both vintage feeling and modern. they are unique to sukie too, so you just don't see them everywhere (though they do sell the fabric from their site for that special project....). *just for readers, i am offering 25% off the all sukie fabric accessories if you mention this post.

sukie book bag in alphabet print
stangefruit bookbag,
also available in bird tree

sukie cosmetic bags in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print

sukie pencil cases in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print

cath kidston

"Cath Kidston Ltd was founded in 1993 when designer Cath Kidston opened a tiny shop in London’s Holland Park. She began by selling the vintage fabrics, wallpapers and brightly-painted junk furniture she remembered fondly from her childhood. Her clever, witty re-working of traditional English country house style meant that her shop soon became a cult success."

back in 2003 or 4, i bought cath kidston for the shop. it was, of course, a smash sensation but soon became to expensive to import and then cath kidston stores opened in mahattan and other major cites, and it just did not make sense to sell it anymore. this left a huge hole at o'suz as her goods had been such a lovely fit for so many reasons. luckily, chronicle books began publishing many papergoods created by cath herself. we have sold them all at times and wait each year to see what might crop up new in her line up of vintagey floral goodness.

cath kidston sticky notes (new and in stock now)

cath kidston set of 3 mini journals

cath kidston strawberries notebook

2011 agenda (coming soon)

cath kidston hardcover address book
(coming soon)

junzo terada

as hard as i tried i could find no real info on the illusive, yet so talented, junzo terada. all i can say is that he is from japan and his work is among a line up of favorites at o'suz. it does mention inside the below box of cards that he is based in osaka and has had numerous exhibitions throughout japan. he also owns a store!!! how cool.

these cards literally fly out every time we have them in.
they are quite amazing and worth at least a peak, unless of course you are a collector of cards, in which case these cards just may have to go with you asap!!!

coming soon, mix and match stationary pack for all ages.

and finally, the sticky notes set. they really could not be cuter. also coming soon.

we are seeing red at o'suz

well, it's that time of year to show your love (and like) to the peeps in your life. one way, and our favorite, is to give the gift of paper and pen. to help out with this, we've got oodles of cards, some mushy, some funny, some pretty, all fabulous!!! here is just a small sampling:

from our new friends egg press

i love you best card

you're out of sight! card

growing love card

you're unbelievable "nessy" card

i am not sure at what point...

your love saves my day

caught in the tentacles of love

i want to hibernate with you

"your love will turn me on" oh yoko card

i lichens you a lot

we flock together

but do you like me-like me?

we also have plenty of fun stamps and blank mix and match cards from waste not paper so you can be crafty and make your own!

new paper goods from ilee!

for the past couple of years the ilee papergoods letterpress desk calendar has literally flown off the shelves at o'suzannah. it is, without fail, always stunning. we've also started carrying more ilee cards, and we got a huge batch a couple of weeks ago. they are to die for, get them while you can...and stay tuned for calendar news as we inch closer to 2010.

some of the cutest hedgies ever!

april"love it" boy girl party, starring susie ghahremani!

if you don't already know who susie ghahremani is, this is your lucky day. if you do know susie, and or her amazing website: boygirlparty.com, maybe you will learn a tidbit you did not know because...drumroll.... she accepted our invite to be our "love it" artist for april!!!!! interview to follow, but not before we shower her with some april showers of adoration (and well wishes, she broke her shoulder last week!) no shortage of props here. she is a superstar in our eyes, plain and simple. before we were selling her goods, we were buying them on her retail site. we still do actually, when we can't get our piggy little hands on them at o'suz. her prints are my weakness lately as i am obsessed with collecting art. i have 2 prints in red's bathroom

and 2 in his room.

let me tell you, i am not alone in my love of susie's talent. jessica, who works at o'suz and does at least half the blog tending, may need an intervention, ha. i'll let her tell you in her own words.

jessica here to share my boygirlparty obsession. as suzannah suggested, an intervention might be appropriate right about now. as i was collecting all of my boygirlparty goods to photograph, i realized that i have something in every single room of my house, from an owlie necklace to magnets to notepads to stationery to prints. it's just that it's all so painfully adorable, and i mean that in the best possible way. i love susie's subject matter, which is predominantly various kinds of animals, including my two favorite animals: hedgehogs and dogs. i love her style as well, that her little creatures are often depicted in various forms of human activity, like cooking, getting down with some tunes, or talking on the telephone. i hope one day i will be able to own one of her original paintings, or at least get to see one of her shows, which always seem to be amazingly installed. here are two of my favorite boygirlparty possessions:

that's right, it's boston terrier time. on the left is a print of one of susie's paintings, and on the right is my beloved one of a kind pouch. the pouch has its own little story. a few years ago i came across a boston terrier boygirlparty pouch on flickr and, um, kind of flipped out, because i couldn't imagine a more perfect combination of two great loves: boston terriers AND boygirlparty. i immediately emailed susie to see if there was any way i could get one because i knew i NEEDED this little delight, and she told me that she didn't have any at the time but she might make more in the future, which led to my stalking of her shop. then, in december 2007, one went up for sale, and i missed it. it was devastation station. i emailed her again, and told everyone at o'suz how sad i was to have missed out again. unbeknownst to me, suzannah had already commissioned a boston pouch from susie for christmas, and everyone but me was in on the scheming. i almost died of excitement when i opened it at our party -- it was all too perfect! so now i have my pouch, and i love it so much because it reminds me of this dude, mick aka mister puppy (1994-2008), whose lovely countenance you see here being held up on my fridge with boygirlparty ipop magnets that we sell in the shop:

we have tons of magnets in the shop, including a new series of cats, dogs, forest animals, and hedgies. i am trying to resist, really. but these few things really only scratch the surface of my boygirlparty collection. here is my assortment of notepads and recipe cards from susie (and yes, i do use them):

yes, that's a squirrel playing the guitar. these come straight from susie herself, and they always go quickly whenever we get them. in the past couple of years, susie has been partnering with companies like chronicle books and madison park greetings, which brings her work to an even larger audience. here are a few of the goodies we have in the shop, some of which are brand new:

the owl journal is so snazzy, it's also illustrated on the inside! aaron and i love love love the mini notes, because, yes, that is a kitty napping while all wound up in the telephone cord on a card that says "call me!" a lot of susie's work features not only her imagery but her handwriting as well, which is just amazing, simple and sweet. we also just got a whole new series of cards like the ones on the right, for various occasions from birthdays to anniversaries to new babies.

susie also does a lot of book illustration, and one of our favorites is this baby book for adoptive families for chronicle. isn't that the sweetest cover ever?

while we aren't able to carry the prints in the shop, that doesn't stop suzannah and me from being cuckoo about them. here are a few of mine:

hedgehog playing piano. nothing more need be said. now that we've gushed about our love for boygirlparty and susie herself, please keep reading to learn about how she ended up working as an artist and what inspires her to keep keeping on. thanks so much, susie, for taking the time to answer our questions!

what was your first job and how did you end up painting and creating paper goods?

My first longterm job was at a mom&pop art supply and framing shop outside Chicago, IL. I took the job for the employee discount, of course! The second question is a little harder for me to answer, I've always painted - as far back as I can remember, and I also have some pretty early memories of making paper goods. "Susie Cards and Gifts" circa 1985 was alarmingly on par with what I do these days... I guess I took painting & paper professionally around graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002 as a natural progression of what I had been working on the time, which was album artwork and t-shirt designs for my band, and making zines.

what is your favorite piece/group/series in your work?

The musical animals series is my favorite to work on, but I'm most proud of my polka dot owls paintings that appeared on the covers of various Chronicle Books projects -- I just know I put every ounce of my energy into those. I was very proud of my installation and exhibition "The Wild Life" from the fall as well..

who or what inspires you?

I love to mix colors and often rely on memory and nostalgia for inspiration...I'll be mixing paint and unsure of what to make next and suddenly a certain blue will remind me of something I've known... a pair of socks or a plastic swing.. it could become the basis for new work.
Also, animals and nature consistently amaze me and influence my work. Any hike, climb, swim or David Attenborough series does the trick. And my pets, I love my cat and finches.

what three websites do you visit daily?

90% of the time I'm usually wikipedia'ing or googling something like Tiny Tim or the grammar rules for "addictive/addicting". I recently joined
Twitter and like to check in on there, especially when I feel confined! (Working at home can make you pretty unsocialized.) I love Flickr, too.

describe your ideal sunday.

Sleeping in, tofu scramble for breakfast - my most coveted breakfast favorite, but sadly rarely available here in San Diego! Then, a bike ride with my fiance where no cars go (cars are scary to me when on bike) Possibly stumbling upon a garage sale with incredible mid century finds. a picnic in the shade with plenty of opportunities to birdwatch and/or see wildlife, a nap, a crossword puzzle, a funny movie. Simple, cozy. I'm lucky to say this accurately describes most of my Sundays!

what do you see outside your studio windows?

Bougainvillea, a bamboo fence, and a lemon tree that refuses to cooperate. A perfectly clear typically San Diego sunny day.

calendar heaven, here we come!

we are straight up calendar fiends at o'suzannah. even as i write this there are four different 2008 calendars hanging above my desk. (and don't forget the other two in the kitchen!) there's just something so exciting about starting a new month by turning over a new page of lovely work by our favorite artists. we have scads of 2009 calendars (and a few perptual ones) in the shop, and we thought we'd give you a little tour of our favorites.

to start, we've got desk calendars, which are handy for your office and also make great gifties.

the annual calendar by ilee (pronounced eeeeleee) is a perpetual customer favorite, and i think you can see why. who wouldn't love to look at this for all of october? this calendar is super handmade with a combination of letterpress, silkscreening, and foil stamping. it comes in a cd case that you can use as a stand, as in the photo, or you can take out one month at a time and put it on your bulletin board or fridge. this is definitely one our favorite gifties in the shop!

modern printed matter produced this amazing botanical desk calendar for 2009. each month features a botanical specimen photographed by anna and then translated into a multi-color screenprint, which produces a beautiful layering effect in the colors. this, too, comes in a cd case for easy display.

the last cd case calendar we have is by driscoll design. driscoll's cards are always a favorite of our peeps, and the calendar delivers twelve months of characteristic driscoll sweetness, with cupcakes and ice cream cones and friendly little creatures to add a little cheer to your day. also, angela has kindly added important dates to remember at the bottom of each month's page. mother's day isn't getting past you this time around...

now this is one really neato calendar by cat seto. as you see, it comes with a woodblock that serves as the calendar's stand as well as a pencil holder. this is the only desk calendar we have that really allows you room to write, and even better, if you send your 2009 pages (printed on recylced paper) back to cat for recycling at the end of the year, you get a discount on the 2010 refill. we love that this is eco-friendly and beautiful. who wouldn't want this on their desk?!?

we've got a few more desk calendars, including one from seltzer with some of their most popular images, including the much-beloved "pugs and kisses," the more sophisticated cavallini mini-easel calendars, and the aforementioned
night owl all-wood calendar.

when it comes to wall calendars, there is one that, every fall, without fail, has us girls waiting with bated breath, and that is the always stunning nikki mcclure calendar. you'll be hearing more about this from suzannah soon, so stay tuned.

another of the most eagerly awaited calendars is jill bliss's. we love, love, love us some jill bliss and always use her calendar as our store schedule. this is the fourth year jill has collaborated with saelee oh, and the theme this time around is gathered together. the images in this thirteen-month calendar combine the artists' cut outs, found objects, and photographs, and jill and saelee use recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. this is also a great choice if you need to space to write!

also coming from the west coast is a small group of calendars from little otsu. above is jennie smith's treehouses calendar/poster. on the front you get all twelve months on one page (18 x 24"), and each month is hand lettered and surrounded by whimsically drawn tree-dwelling fauna. once 2009 rolls on by, you can flip the calendar over and there you'll find a poster, which we think is pretty snazzy.

also from little otsu is chris duncan's "two years of the youniverse" poster calendar, and like jennie smith's, this is double-sided, 2009 on one side, 2010 on the other. and when it's all over you can tear off the dated sections along the perforated edge, and you still have the images! we're really keen on the idea of a calendar having a life after its initial use -- it's so sad to put them away...

also check out lart c. berliner's 2009 railways map calendar. this, too, reverses to a poster, and like all little otsu paper products, is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.

finally, we arrive to the 2009 rex ray wall calendar, which i am listing with some trepidation because we are currently sold out. never fear though, it is on order, and we are hopeful it will be here soon for all you rex ray lovers. this calendar is great because it's BIG and has lots of room to write, and, of course, because it features the bold, graphic designs of rex ray. (and a free poster!)

so, now my only question is, which one(s) are you taking home? and stay tuned for our o'suzannah planner guide! xoxo, jessica

we heart night owl.

a couple of years ago we received a snazzy mailer in the post from a new-ish (est. 2004) stationer called night owl paper goods, out of birmingham, owlabama. and yes, everything that partners jennifer and alan make has "owlabama" printed somewhere on it, which is one of the most charming things about their goods. we were really sold on the line after i snagged some cards during a visit to birmingham -- i literally came home with piles of night owl stationery. we were impressed not only by the designs themselves but also by the quality of the materials and the printing. after that, we were hooked!

when we first started carrying night owl, most of their work was comprised of letterpress flats and cards. it's been exciting to see their work evolve, and we're loving the luxe new paper and simple but sincere sentiments.

the above is hands down one of my favorite cards ever. it's the kind of card that's great if there's a specific occasion for acknowledging a friendship but can just as easily be sent as a sweet mailbox surprise. the simplicity of the design and the straightforward nature of the message just strike the perfect note!

more recently night owl has been working extensively with sustainably harvested yellow birch wood. in this case increasingly adorable graphics are printed onto a thin piece of wood, and the back is free for you to inscribe in pen or pencil. the fact that these are all made from wood also means they're all different -- there are variations in tone and grain and even the occasional knot. not only is writing on and mailing wood awesome, but, hello, mister puppy here is one charming google-eyed canine!

more recently night owl has expanded their work with the eco-friendly birch to include notebooks, desk notepads, and jotters. and since we are calendar-obsessed at o'suzannah, we are especially pumped about the 2009 calendar, which also includes sustainably harvested walnut and douglas fir. this 12-month desk calendar features six double-sided pages with a sweet new design every month. i gotta tell you, it's going to be hard not to bring this one home with me...get them while you can!

night owl has even moved beyond stationery and has introduced a few tote bags with some of their signature images. these fair trade totes are super roomy and are made of 100% recycled natural and organic fibers. then they are silkscreened in birmingham, and the night owl label is handstitched on the top. perfect for library books or grocery shopping!

i apologize if the above card sent anyone into a panic -- don't fret, it's only november 5. i just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you some of my favorite holiday cards from night owl. seriously, have you ever seen such adorable owlies? here are mr. and mrs. claus, chillaxing on the mantel, getting toasty by the fire. i get a little warm and fuzzy just looking at it. on a more technical note, these cards are from the faux bois series, which is printed on fsc-approved 100% post-consumer recycled paper. you say cute and eco-friendly, we say awesome!

here's another sweet mantelpiece, this one letterpressed and sans owls, with a simple message. isn't this just the coziest fireplace ever?

i can't resist these owls. they're wearing belts, for goodness sake. these are some lovely little enclosure cards printed on birch that are perfect for tucking into a package or attaching to a gift.

i hope you've found night owl as endearing as we have. we have so many more amazing cards in the shop that i couldn't show you here, so please come visit us! xoxo, jessica