what would a blog be without nostalgia

....as the date to move the store fast approaches, i am reflective on my life since moving into the
 2nd street location, and it feels good. i moved into the space 5 years ago, when i had 2 other stores.....
artwork by lucia bowes
life was chaotic then and not always in a good way. slowly but surely though, i focused my energies and narrowed my focus.  since then, i have closed one store, and sold the other, leaving me with the store i have now, aahhhh.  looking back, this all felt right for me. having more, in my case, meant having less.  oh.....i still love handmade duds and gems and the smaller designers who made them, but i don't often miss the rest. every now and then i remember when the boxes of beautiful clothing would roll in, and we would all try them on.  i would put them on mannequins in the window..... and then i would pray they would sell so i could keep it all going!  buying was great fun too but that was just the beginning.  one must have stamina and staying power and i just got pooped.  the good news was,  i was engaged, and 38, and dying to get hitched to my now husband, todd.....

and make time for the not yet here critter in our life: g.....born august 5th, 2oo5.

needless to say we did get married. we eloped to bermuda may 26, 2005....

....but only after i passed the torch to someone i respected,  and let me say here that she has done an amazing  job, making her own imprint selling ecologically responsible lines we can all get on top of!  check out elsie garden and say hello to rebecca and sarah for me will ya.  
since pairing back to one store, life has seemed more normal to me.  being married has also left me more grounded.  it changes your life in so many ways, makes it richer really. we agree that it is like having a witness to your life.  when i saw that scene in shall we dance, when susan sarandon is at the bar with the private detective she's hired to spy on her husband, richard gere, it all made sense to me.  watch it, if for no other reason then to see her in that scene......
having g, my first dog as an adult, also changed my life. you peeps who have dogs know what i'm talkin' about so i needn't say more. 

after we got married and got g, we bought a farm north of town and the rest is history, as they say.  we now have a baby named redford haynes (who is amazing in all ways)....
and a perfectly full house, or shall i say a home.  

tomorrow is our last saturday open on 2nd street and then we begin a new chapter.
we will miss our neighbors: jose and carla at the consignment house, carol, vern, pam and cooch at angelo and marraccinni designs, the eg gals, chris from studio 206, lynelle and john from the mudhouse, robert from the downtown grille, dragona and sunda and all the rest.  we don't plan to miss you too much though, as we hope you guys will pop in on us a bunch at our new home on 4th street.  a shout out to jessica to say WELCOME HOME and a THANK YOU to helen and aaron for working extra in july. 
also, our "love it" feature for august will be a few days tardy due to this post so look out for an interview with creator of screech owl design next week.

sale and news

on sale now: wasabi green and linen white wallets from hobo! only a few, so grab em' quick. also, laptop cozies have been reduced. and just to keep you in the know, we are thinking we will be closing our doors on the 2nd street space, august 8th. we will plan to reopen in late august in the new space on 4th street. continue to stay tuned for more specific info as we pack and make our way up the mall.  lots of new merch has arrived for the new space so the opening will be ever so juicy. we can't wait to get going and open that pretty new door.