peg & awl

we've been big fans of peg & awl's work for awhile now, so we are so excited to have walter and margaux's work in the shop! they make everything at their workshop in philadelphia. (you can often see work in progress on instagram @pegandawl.) nearly all of their materials are reclaimed, and what really blows us away is the incredibly handmade nature of their goods. each bag, desk caddy, necklace, and pouch has been thoughtfully crafted with careful labor. we're in love!

we have a small number of these totes in two different sizes and in two colors, truffle and slate. the waxed canvas comes from a 5th-generation philadelphia family business, and the interior fabric lining the pockets has been salvaged from early 20th-century shirting and quilting. the leather used in the straps is also on its second life, having first been utilized in the form of gun slings during world war II.

 each of these desk caddies is totally different, both in terms of the natural patterns of the wood and the pattern of wear. the wood has been salvaged from a 19th-century philadelphia building and finished with tung oil.
 these tiny book necklaces are incredible! each book is handmade with archival strathmore paper and leather scraps.

new from coral & tusk!

it's always a little like christmas when a new box of coral & tusk arrives in the shop! here's a little sampling of what's new...

 (image also available framed)

(image also available framed)

arctic fox pocket pillow. 
(mr. fox can slip into the igloo!)

fox and acorn charm necklace

 animal and feather charms come on a colored thread.

fox locket 

bluejay feather wristlet

 and don't forget this amazing narwhal ornament!

orla kiely for wild & wolf

new orla kiely collaborations are always exciting, and this one with wild & wolf is no exception! we just received a nice big box full of goodies, and we can't wait to plant some fall mums in these enamelware pots. these would also make great housewarming gifts with a low-maintenance succulent already planted for your hostess!

coffee and tea taste so much better when you're drinking from your orla kiely thermos. 


lisa stickley london

we are beyond thrilled to welcome lisa stickley goods to o'suzannah. we have loved her textile design for years, and just last week a nice big box arrived from across the pond, full of pouches and bags of all sizes (and a tea towel for lovers of all things british)!
the bella clasp purse comes in this gray hankie flower, blue hankie flower, and charcoal round collar.

the martha pouch is perfect for holding tall bottles of shampoo or conditioner!

the double dora has two separate zipper pouches with a magnetic closure at the top. stay organized with pens and notepads on one side, 
lip balm and other necessities on the other.

i often carry a version of this bag, called the ivy, as a little lunch tote.

the alfred book bag is a sturdy tote that is lovely enough to carry everyday 
but durable enough for lugging school or library books. here you have a little sneak peek of the lining, which is always one of the most
 exciting parts of a lisa stickley bag or pouch.

the miss freemont tote is great for work or school, easily holding a small 
laptop or ipad, and it has a few additional slit and zipper pockets on the interior.
in a year that has seen the london olympics and the queen's jubilee, 
why not celebrate england with this cheerful tea towel?

new from fawnsberg

we have admired patricia mumau's beautiful script for some time, so we were so excited when she and her sister rachel created fawnsberg, a beautiful stationery line that both reminds me of the neatly composed letters my grandmother used to send and makes me want to write everyone i know a letter! we've got several letter sets that come with 12 printed sheets, 24 plain sheets, a line guide for neat penmanship, and 12 tissue-lined french envelopes. and they come in a super cute box to boot!

the sisters mumau also recently introduced some single and boxed cards that have been a big hit here in the shop. 

can you spot the mouse in the meadow?

and holy moly, are the fawnsberg rubber stamps amazing!


coyuchi for baby

"Coyuchi" is a word used in southern Mexico for naturally colored brown cotton. 
It is originally derived from the Aztec language and refers to the color of the coyote.

coyuchi for babes has finally arrived at o'suz and boy oh boy was it worth the wait.
it is soft and simple and utterly perfect for wee ones. 
the sun suits are so sweet and tiny and just in time for this crazy heatwave we are having!

(it's a bit hot for these but i bet you know someone having a fall baby)

(we don't have all these colors but who knows, we may get them for fall!

new from blackbird letterpress

 we just got a juicy shipment of goods from baton rouge's blackbird letterpress today! kathryn has an amazing series of die-cut critter cards, perfect for tucking in a little something special with your note.

bear hugs for everyone!
 woot owl.

 beeeeee mine.

crafty fox.
 get whale.


 happy birthday pelican.

 missing u.

 two of our favorite cards from blackbird are the wagon and camper.
it all comes flat, like you see below. you cut it up, glue it together, and voila, you
have a 3-d vintage vacation. (the wagon and the camper come separately, so you can 
opt for one or the other or both.)

lastly, we also have this beautifully letterpressed perpetual calendar in stock. 
perfect for hanging, and it never gets old! there's even a special treat on the back, 
a diagram identifying all the species of birds featured on the front.

round one!

the first time i met my husband's two sons, ben and nick fisher,
i think we were equally nervous and excited.
we bumbled through the initial meet and greet moments, got past the awkwardness, hung out and then said our goodbyes. i will never forget when todd
(their dad and my now husband) shouted out, "love and like you" as they left my house.
he still says it to them often, and it is no less touching to hear now.
don't forget those you love (and like).

here is round one of our favorite valentine's greetings, some tried and true, some brand new!

from la familia green:

lotta helleberg of inleaf

"A slender leaf, a wispy seed head, a fern frond ready to unfurl.
The simple beauty of nature is a constant inspiration for my work.
Leaves, bark, berries, and flowers provide dyes, paints, and images."

i so love when these delicious sachets are scattered about the shop!
i keep them in my car year round.
lots of colors and botanicals to choose from in the shop now!

Beth mueller

raised in indiana, beth mueller now lives in Barre, Vermont, where she creates splendid hand-painted ceramic pieces. we have missed her pieces around o'suz and so, welcome her back open arms and open hearts. to get us back on track, we bought bunches of ornaments to help us ring in the season! they make great hostess, new home, first xmas married, and secret santa gifts. i have some that date back over 13 years, when i first discovered her lovelies in ny.

lifefactory bottles

Lifefactory fuses modern sensibility, eco-friendly composition,
and exceptional utility to produce glass baby bottles,
glass beverage bottles, and teethers
that are free of known harmful chemicals
including BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

we are loving these bottles at o'suz.
i am convinced that i drink more water,
which is never a bad thing
and that it tastes better than it ever has before!

pigeon toe

introducing one of our favorite new artists.
we would love to welcome pigeon toe to the o'suz family.

Pigeon Toeʼs aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. Highly curated and refined, each piece is culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts."

pigeon toe

scheming to put these on our porch....
they are stunning and make for the sweetest light by which to
entertain and celebrate.
we have a few sets in stock and hope to hang them this week!

coral & tusk

last week we got an amazing shipment from coral & tusk, a brooklyn-based company founded by stephanie housley in 2007. we wanted absolutely everything coral & tusk makes, but somehow we were able to limit ourselves to these sweet onesies:

all of the designs feature intricately detailed animals embroidered on sustainable edition american apparel onesies. how cute are these two?!?

high five!

little lamb and fawn

we couldn't pass up the hedgie, of course!

and for the slightly older set, we've got some 'bandito' raccoon tshirts!

we couldn't resist getting a few pairs of these tiny booties,
sweet and witty!

we also had to snag some of these amazing laser-cut cards:

narwhals galore!