take a hazel village critter home!

we just welcomed the cutest bunch of critters into the shop! they would be the sweetest little surprise in an easter basket. all of these friends are ethically made from organic cotton, and you can also collect different outfits for their adventures. don't we all need a trekking ensemble with striped socks and fringed moccasins?

  emma rabbit
catalina mouse
miss flora fox

gwendolyn raccoon
 owen fox
 gracie cat
 annicke mouse
 nicholas bear cub
 zoe rabbit

gracie cat
 easter outfit

for your ballet recital

striped socks and moccasins for trekking!

not to be missed

hey, have you heard?
we're all grown up and having a baby!

you may have noticed all of our baby and kids goodies
have slowly disappeared over the past few weeks.
after much hard work they are now reunited
and happily settled in the adjoining space at 110 fourth street n.e.
we're so excited that the existing shop gets to grow up a bit
and that we can let all things cute run wild right next door!

to celebrate our new addition,
we're having a little soiree with bubbly and sweet deals.
come see us:

thursday, october 6
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
114 AND 110 fourth street n.e.

everything in 114 fourth street will be 10% off, and even better,
everything in 110 will be 20% off! not only that,
but we're pulling out all of our children's two-for-one merchandise just for this event,
so you can stock up on birthday and holiday gifts for all the little ones in your life now!
(stay tuned, of course, for news of our annual 2-4-1 party in november!)

p.s. fun giveaway treats for the first 20 peeps
through the door!
come see us!
114 and 110 fourth street n.e.
charlottesville, va 22902
(434) 979-7467

gifts for small peeps

what is xmas, if not a time to spoil the wee ones you love. i am finding it hard not to go nuts with redford turning 3 christmas eve. i have reigned it in somewhat but there are still 3 days to shop!

crayon rolls:
awesome for stockings or to accompany coloring books and sketchpads

felty house full of crayons

stuffed elephant

and zebra

bla bla mobile with sweet bird

bla bla owl mobile

sheep mobile from bla bla

birdy mobile from bla bla

andiamo the dog from bla bla

lulu the flower from bla bla

bandit the raccoon from bla bla
mcnuttie the squirrel from bla bla

dwell zoo book for we ones

super cool placemats by dwell that kids can color, great to take to restaurants

lots of new baby garbs for newborns and toddlers by sckoon

new kids clothes from little lark (this tee comes on cream with a red bike too)

a coloring book for hipster kids and adults alike

owl piggy bank

new book, great xmas message

beautiful book by yoshitomo naro

and or a small stuffed puppy (perhaps in lieu of a real one?!)

super creative coloring book,
lots of room for a kids imagination

and last, but by no means not least,
the piggy flashlight, no batteries needed!

harper collins kids books

here are just a very few new and old titles we have in at o'suz!

this is a new favorite around our house....
a most lovely story of friendship, loss and new friends found.
love these illustrations.....
harry starts out not so fond of baths, like many of us, but sees the error of his ways soon enough. super cute short story and in a aboard book kids can hold.
this is todd's favorite kids book, we read it together, in anticipation, when i was preggers with redford.
a new title for us and just in time for the beginning of "hibernation" season

this is the sweetest, teeny tiny collection of maurice sendak stories...
great gifty idea for all ages really.

osuz welcomes moomah!

we are so very pleased to have the work of moomah in the shop (and now on order for a 2nd time)! moomah is a cafe and studio located on hudson in manhattan, set up to give kids a place to learn, grow, and interact.moomah is led by tracey stewart, kimberly jackson, and jacqueline schmidt (whom you might know from the pairing of jaqueline and george, our favorite friends at screech owl). between serving a full menu, these ladies lead programs for kids and produce super adorable prints and products. check out the goodies you can now find in osuz below, and take a deep breath as you daydream about spending time in the moomah cafe.

connect with your neighbors coloring book

playdate floor puzzle

moomah stickers in many varieties

adorable cards!

the perfect party invitations

and finally, super cute "be nice" tees for the little ones!

If you want to read a little more about moomah and screech owl, check out their feature in the most recent readymade magazine!

The Great Charley Harper

In 2007 the world lost an amazing artist in Charley Harper, but that doesn't mean that his work and life aren't still being enjoyed and appreciated. This being said, we are proud to have Todd Oldham's book Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life on our shelves. This book is an epic volume featuring over 400 pages of artwork by C. Harper throughout his 60+ year career and the price is right at $49.95, as compared to it's still in print and most lovely predecessor at $200! this book is hands down gorgeous and if you are a lover of art and or of creatures, great and small, this book will make you happy, or better yet make a loved one happy!!

ch memory game, stunning!

amazing ch flashcards

childrens abc book. wait until you see the inside cover!

charley harper coloring book,
most adults that see it, want to color it themselves, it is that cool!

cardinal salt and pepper shakers, great hostess gift!

books for tots that remind us of autumn....

one of the many joys of parenting is reading to your kid(s). though we are not reading long stories to red yet we are not far from a time when i hope redford will want a story every night at the very least. when he is ready, we will be too, as the book collection just gets better by the day at o'suz (and in red's bookcase). here are just a few titles we have at o'suz that seem like fun fall reading.

those darn squirrels!

the little yellow leaf

"i have a little problem", said the bear

HELP! a story of friendship

a seed is sleepy

peek a who?


autumn an alphabet acrostic

in november


little pea little hoot little oink

squirrels are lining up at o'suz

Carrie: "You can't make friends with a squirrel. squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits."

unlike carrie, from sex and the city, we are nuts for our squirrels at o'suz. it's hard to resist such a cute and furry little woodland creature. be sure to come in and check out all these critters before they scamper back to the forest with their winter stash of acorns.

mcnuttie the squirrel from bla bla holding his acorn ornament from roost

pyrrha squirrel necklace
(represents a lover of nature and the woods)

bla bla 6 month squirrel sweater and hat

mark poulin squirrel necklaces

sukie agenda, tomo tomo squirrel lunch box,
and the boygirlparty magnet squirrel playing a guitar!

enormous champion i heart you card, squirrel postcard by the claudettes, and modern twist keepsake box

jonathan adler porcelain squirrel ring box

fun little tag acorn magnets, as well as these fantastic acorn tokens

roost squirrel lamp

Holztiger Wooden Animal Friends

soon after redford was born, his auntie jessica brought him a most adorable wooden fox that she picked up on a trip to new york. if it was not reds favorite toy at the time, it sure was mine(mind you, he was only months old). the fox was made by holztiger, a line we now carry and adore! Holztiger is a German company that specializes in handcrafted wooden toys and figures, and we absolutely go nuts over their collection of forest creatures in particular. Each little critter is painted with extreme detail, using only non-toxic water-based paints. Perfect for kids over 3 years and pretty much any adult...
a rabbit with its ears cocked

a cute little hedgie
(needless to say this was our fave)

a wise owl

a skunky

a mischievous raccoon
a sweet fawn (coming soon)

a tiny mole

a perky squirrel

and if the above images do not make your heart pitter patter look at how cute these are!
our sweet friend and customer april sent us these of where their animals now live.
all i can say is that is one inhabited forest and those are some lucky critters!


over the past month or so we've gotten in several new lines, and one of the hands down cutest is holztiger, a german company that handcrafts little wooden animals. they hand paint the creatures with water-based acrylic stains that are non-toxic and kid-friendly. of course, the appeal of holztiger animals extends beyond little ones -- who wouldn't want a friendly little piglet sitting on her desk?

and here are some more critters:

even skunks need good homes.

who knew moles could be so endearing?

has anyone else noticed charlottesville is being overrun by groundhogs? this one does a lot less damage to your yard.

has there ever been so cute a mouse?

we got some bigger ones, too.

everyone loves a smiling bear.


hedgies forever!

this is just a small sampling of the menagerie. come find your critter, and stay tuned for more new lines!

july love it...amy noel!

this month we're excited to feature one of our local artists, amy noel, who makes the hands-down cutest cashmere critters you've ever seen. it's always a pleasure when amy visits the store (usually with her equally adorable younger daughter in tow) with a new bag of animals for the shop. she has made bunnies, elephants, pigs, owls, chickens, mice, and other forms of fauna, all from reclaimed cashmere. they're even stuffed with cashmere scraps! whenever someone comes in in search of a one of a kind (literally) baby gift that will be both functional and a keepsake, i always show them amy's work. who wouldn't want a locally and lovingly made little creature, perfect for little ones of all ages. i love telling our customers that amy's older daughter often contributes to the "art direction" by telling her mama where to put certain parts or her signature stitched heart. of course, the appeal of amy's work extends beyond wee ones, and many a critter have been purchased for a slightly older demographic. here's o'suz regular nicole's masked buddy in her home, photographed by good pal melissa (check out her blog!):

when we were thinking about how to best feature amy, we knew the best way to convey the appeal of her work was to show it with its ideal audience, and who better to complement critter cuteness than red fisher himself. i spent a day with red while suzannah rocked it out in the shop, and it was good times all around when i handed over the bag of goodies:

pulling them out, one by one...

decisions, decisions.

calling attention to monsieur elephant.

maybe this one?

hmmm, this rooster is rather nice.

red and rooster have some face time.

how are you today, rooster-roo?

yup, he's the one. for sure.

many of amy's creations are visible in these photos, but you really have to feel these little softies to understand how amazing they are. so come check out the menagerie in person at the shop! amy was kind enough to answer our usual questions, so please scroll down for her responses. thank you, amy!

what was your first job and how did you end up making your adorable creatures?

At eleven, I took on the hardest job that I can think of...babysitting. I took on not only one, but three children under the age of five, and was attempting with the best of intentions to replace their mother for four to six hours every day in the summer. Wow, have the times changed. I am a mother of two now and can only hope that I am doing the best that I can. In a way, I feel honored, for my babysitting went on for years and sometimes over weekends as I got older..these parents trusted that I was a good replacement for them while they were away and I did the best that i could. I feel now that this was a good basis for owning my own business and raising two children without the stress of a 9-5 job.

As far as how these creatures came to life, I feel this could be a long and drinking wine kind of story, so I will keep it "simple." I was a traveler before I gave birth to my first daughter five years ago, and I found metal objects on the XX tracks and began making mobiles, rather large and clumsy, but with a raw beauty nonetheless. Then the leather came to me free to recycle from a local boot/saddle maker, from which I began and continue to create books, bags,and baby moccasins...If I want to make it, I will give it a whirl. This giving of leather reminded me of my childhood and all the "hand me downs" I had received and altered to fit my tastes at the time, thus pushing me toward this desire to create things that had little or no waste to them and a bit more function than metal trash mobiles (my heart still loves thee). Granted, one cannot realistically keep every thread that comes from something before, but I can try to impact this world without crushing her with my feet. So, these creatures, with the help of the babe inside, gave thought to all the cashmere sweaters I had found at a frequented thrift store...reinvented and stuffed with the leftover cashmere and just a bit of thread...no choking hazard and pretty edible if so inclined.

what is your favorite piece/group/series in your work?

So far, I have a hard time with a favorite choice of the animals I have made... maybe the green rooster, the pink bunny, the black owls, I can't make choices like that.. [ed. note: you can see a black owl in one of the above photos.]

who or what inspires you?

They are inspired by children. My children, five years and six months, the man and father of my children, who I am crazy about..they are my greatest inspiration. Not only to be a better woman and mother, but also to love and follow the beautiful things I see and find in life. For children see the world with this indescribable beauty and honesty that for us over time becomes a bit jaded if we let it, and they do not discriminate unless taught or told to be so. I find myself learning more acceptance daily just by watching my babes see people and things uninterrupted by the daily obstacles. I also find myself inspired by life itself, but music, dancing, and timeless textures are my other inspirations.

this is a new lavender rabbit. (or a jumbo mouse if you prefer)

closer examination reveals extreme cuteness.

what three websites do you visit daily?

The three websites I frequent often, besides google for my need for information DAILY, are etsy and an informative blog on nature's child (written by a friend and mother ). Being a new cyber space gal, I am still finding my way around...or stumbling, but it's fun no less.

describe your ideal sunday.

The day of sun is my most cherished day, an end and a beginning in one day. To start fresh again and remember the week previous. My ideal sunday is spent with my family, for it is hard to get us all together in one moment. So, as we get to know each other, these times are often spent at sugar hollow (a close and beautiful river hike waterfall berry picking paradise) in the summer or lying blissfully around the woodstove in the winter. The day of sun is really set aside for recuperation in my house, even if that means exerting tons of energy and having fun.

critters inspire hugs all around.

what do you see outside your studio windows?

Outside my studio windows, which is my sunroom, are these two giant quince bushes that bloom twice in the year..once in Janurary (even through ice storms) to remind me that spring is on its way, and then again in early May. And then there is my garden of strawberry, tomato, yellow squash, melon, basil, thyme, mint, and rosemary plants and the occasional cardinal or finch roosting in the rose of sharon. This rain that we have been getting has cast an almost luminescent green quality to my country living. In reading this, it almost sounds a bit surreal, but I feel that my life is just a bit enchanted. I don't have much for possessions, but I sure love making something out of nothing. Enjoy this life for all that it is. Thanks for viewing.

life is pretty sweet.

bla bla love

one of lines we sell that is amazing in all ways is bla bla kids. i can attest to this personally! bla bla makes dolls, rattles, finger puppets, backpacks, blankets, mobiles, hats, booties and clothes for babies and kids. bla bla goodies are knitted by peruvian artists from natural fibers. they are bright and friendly and put a smile on faces of all ages. red (my son) already has 3 rattles, 1 doll, and many outfits. he loves it all, i am sure of it. his favorite is his giraffe rattle, evidenced now by its shape and color (we wash him often). he also lives in the bla bla elastic waist pants. they come in solids and stripes ranging from 6 months to 4T. when he was smaller we just rolled them up a wee bit so they would fit longer. he also has a giraffe animobile ridden by a blue kitty over his crib and a huge bla bla doll named verdi that lives in his crib (until he is joined by red when he is older). anyhoo, there is so much to say about bla bla. everyone has a favorite. what's yours?

red's crib with jumbo verdi, waiting oh so patiently, the most amazing quilt ever, made by aaron as our baby gift, and the ever fun animobile by bla bla, there to keep red company. also pictured are tree decals by dvider, available at o'suz.

mini bla bla dolls: bubbles & gigi
tiger lily & clementine

(new this spring)
mini versions of:
charles & prudence
wink & billy

cumulus, inoo-lala & etcetera
"the best of friends"

redford, mesmerized by his first view of the ocean, sits quietly with his elephant rattle (whose shorts come off, funny) and musette, his bird rattle, new this spring.

"love it" launch! with beth mueller

our first featured artist that we love is beth mueller. i have been carrying beth's ceramic works for what seems like a coon's age though i do remember being agog standing outside her booth at the new york gift fair for the first time. her work was so different and sweet. it spoke to me and i just had to have it. since then we have carried so many of her pieces and with much success, including cards and baby items that she introduced a few years back. she has also made me some special goods that i have gifted to my staff and husband over the years and an outfit for red (below) with an icon well suited for him. she is our first featured artist in our "love it" monthly post and has honored us by giving us a glimpse into her world by answering some questions.

#1 what was your first job and how did you end up making ceramics?

my first job, other than the obligatory babysitting was working in a fabric store cutting fabric. this was through high school. hmmmmmm. i didn't really take any art during high school, and i think all the pent up ideas just came rushing out once i was in college. i loved working with clay, but pretty much equally loved printmaking. went with clay after i graduated, doing an apprenticeship and eventually found a way to combine my love of surface narrative and pottery.

#2 what is your favorite piece/group/series of your work?

currently i really like these mugs that we are making. they are just a very pleasant shape and size and really nice to draw on.

#3 who or what inspires you?

inspiration. there is so much. spring. anyone who works with passion or devotion. athletes. have been reading about the eames, so them. wendell berry. john edwards.
wislawa szymborska.

#4 describe your ideal sunday.

up. go for a run. church, and having the kids in sunday school get what i am trying to teach. big lunch. nap. garden or ski depending on the time of year. cook fun dinner. movie. no house cleaning at all.

#5 what do you see outside your studio windows?

right now, lots of flowers and my next door neighbors.

a box of goodness from fluffy co!

exciting new arrivals at the store today -- a big box of fluffy co vegan goods from san francisco! we've carried their wallets and ipod cases for several years now, and we're excited about their new line of kids tshirts, called fluffy kids. the shirts are super soft and comfy for little ones and feature a lot of classic fluffy images, like bikes and birds.

they also debuted another new product at the gift fair in february, some really snazzy passport cases. we're super excited about these because it is too hard to find ones that are functional, hip, and affordable. more of the classic mini wallets and checkbook covers are back in stock, too, including the retro muscle car and the forest silhouette. one of the reasons we love fluffy is that they combine amazing design with ethics we can get behind. not only are their wallets made from vegan naugahyde, but all of their products are made in the u.s. yay for fluffy! ciao for now, j.