new releases we can't put down!

spring always brings with it a big bounty of fresh new releases from our favorite book publishers. here are a few of our favorites from the last few months!

the charlottesville farmers' market is open again, and from what we hear, 
it is already bringing the goods!
taro gomi's books are always a big hit, and we love the great day
nikki mcclure's newest book illustrations are for this incredibly lovely story by jeremy chatelain.
mr. tiger goes wild has been getting great press among reviewers, and we're smitten with the bright palette and charismatic star of this tale.
like nikki mcclure, hannah viano creates her bold images through intricately cut paper.
we love everything jon klassen (author of i want my hat back) touches.
esteemed illustrator jerry pinkney is back with another fresh take on one of aesop's fables, 
this time the tortoise and the hare.

we are thrilled that chronicle books has taken on twirl books and their innovative and interactive titles. who doesn't want 60 movable parts in your ultimate book of vehicles?!
the world belongs to you is illustrated by one of our favorite italian artists, olimpia zagnoli, and we were instantly taken after reading just the first two pages: 
"the world belongs to you. and you belong to the world."
(p.s. we actually think this would also be a great graduation gift for all ages!)
two new titles from lorena siminovich of petit collage. 
all of the "you are my baby" series have been a big hit with the board book set.

we'd love to help you pick out the perfect book for any of the little ones in your life -- come see us!

we heart oliver jeffers.

we are huge fans of oliver jeffers' children's books here at o'suz. the stories are endearing, humorous, and often have a little bit of a lesson without being over the top. the illustrations and smatterings of oliver's handwriting throughout the texts are phenomenal -- beautiful watercolors swirl across the pages as the story unfolds. just the other day swiss-miss (one of the founders of tattly, our new temporary tattoo line) posted a link to this awesome new author video from oliver. we love having a little window into his creative process!

lost & found is a perennial favorite at the shop -- boys & penguins 
make the best of friends! 


penguins in progress.

sadly, we don't have this amazing map in the shop (if only!), 
but we love it so much we had to share.

 all of oliver's work begins in his sketchbooks, which are teeming with drawings, mini-paintings, collages, and other mementos. we could spend days 
poring over these pages!