holiday shopping shindig!

hello, friends! 

we hope you're having a lovely autumn and looking forward to thanksgiving! here at the shop we are gearing up for a shopping shindig to kick off the holiday season. here are the details:

when: wednesday, november 18
time: 4:00 - 7:30

please note that we will be closing at 1:00 that wednesday to set up all the goodies!

goodies, you say? let me tell you about some goodies. there will be a number of 2-4-1 steals, where you can snag two for the price of one. (who doesn't love a one for you, one for me approach to holiday shopping?!) we will also have a juicy selection of items that will be specially priced for this event only. 

a few things to remember:
  • these steals and deals will only be available during this event. 
  • due to how crazy busy this event usually is, we are unable to do any gift wrapping during the party.
  • we are unable to split 2-4-1 deals between customers at the counter. 
  • as with any sale items, all sales are final. no exchanges.
we can't wait to see you, and happy fall!

p.s. in case you haven't been on 4th street recently, we are excited to have the pie chest, milli joe, and hedge as our new neighbors across the street!

sweet paul magazine

sweet paul magazine is a new favorite of ours here at o'suz. 
so much so that we started carrying it in the shop with the release of paul lowes last issue.
 so as not to spoil too much of it's juicy contents, suffice to say it is one of it's kind. 
i know i genuinely enjoy a magazine when i  look forward to and even love it's ads. 
the other indication is that i do not pass it on to friends. i am greedy and save it in my magazine archives along with my anthology issues and my british country livings.

if this cover does not make you want to peek (and or bake) i don't know what would.
(only 4 left at the shop!)

you know we have always loved our owls in these parts so this made me very happy

and then there is my ever growing fondness for felt. 
a few years back i was part of a lovely ladies handwork group and a new friend named marcy introduced me to the world of needle felting.
 you know how they talk about "awakening one's passions", this is one of mine.
 i adore it. so you can imagine my delight when i turned these pages and found felt!

and this is the creator of all things sweet paul, paul lowe.

p.s. look for our ad to be featured
in sweet paul's online holiday magazine issue soon.
we are so excited to be in such good company and at a time of year
when friends, new and old,  make the season come alive.

'tis the season to be jolly and so...

....o'suz is having a holiday bash to kick off the season in style-with spirits and sweet deals.
date: november 19th (next thursday) 
time: 4-8 pm
details are as follows:
we will have spirits to share and it will be the big reveal of the 2 for 1 for this year.
as well, we will be offering 15% off regular merch storewide during those hours, (no exceptions here). the party is casual but private. it's not the party you bring everyone you know and their kids to. not because we don't want a big turn out, but because if rsvp's mean anything at all, we will have a full house. in other words, with this get together, we are hoping to thank our blog readers and our mailing listers,  so if you are reading this, that's you! 

come and see all the xmas goodies we are putting out as i write, including amazing ornaments, cards and stockings as well as the 2 for 1 which is seriously juicy people, just ask aaron: she has been tending to it for months now as we work our way towards the season of giving. we did it last year, much later and it was a huge success, but with much less hooplah. this time we want to make it a treat. so between the xmas cheer and goodies and the 2 for 1, there will be much to see and buy!!! get it while the gettin's good. 

please rsvp to: