hippity hop! easter's nearly here!

easter is right around the corner (along with real spring weather, hopefully!), and we've got lots of goodies for filling easter baskets. here are some of our faves:
holztiger bunnies appeal to all ages! 
(p.s. a group of rabbits can be called a colony, warren, or nest.)
this coral & tusk bunny doubles as a necklace and a pouch for tiny treasures.

a tiny rabbit necklace, embroidered on felt and strung on pink twine.

this bunny is rocking some espadrilles!

mouse in a matchbox!

this sheep would love to peek out of an easter basket in his new home!

oh, and one last thing, did we mention that we have caramels? oh yes, very, very yummy caramels perfect for easter baskets (or for a "i just finished all my easter basket shopping!" treat).

p.s. we will be closed on easter sunday. happy hunting!

easter basket treats

it goes without saying that one of the best parts of easter is that sunday morning surprise basket filled with goodies! we are particularly partial to treats of the chocolate variety, but it's good to substitute some of those reese's eggs for longer-lasting gifties that don't pose the threat of inducing a sugar coma. here are a few of our faves...

cate & levi recycled sweater coin purse
(all cate & levi goods are one of a kind,
so come find the one that you like best!)

cate & levi recycled sweater journal

cate & levi recycled sweater sketchpad with colored pencils

folkmanis finger puppets

and a few folkmanis hand puppets.
who doesn't need a smiling sheep?

blabla bunnies! let me introduce fleur and pierre,
two stylish french rabbits, complete with scarves and satchel.

mimi'lou sticker sheets. bunnies! hedgehogs! t-rex!

maileg rabbits are the sweetest, and we have them in several sizes.

maileg mice would love to peek over the edge of a basket.

these springy butterflies and birds would be sweet hanging in a window!

and you can't have easter without holztiger bunnies!
we've got them in all shapes and sizes!

come fill a few easter baskets!
(and maybe your own, too!)

bunnylopes for all!

we just replenished our bunnylope supply from dandylion press! maia hand draws all of her designs and then letterpresses them in san francisco. each bunnylope card comes complete with information regarding the particular breed featured. for example, did you know that wild southwestern bunnylopes learn to sing at a young age? these are all good things to know about this elusive creature...

and for good measure we threw in some rabbits, chicks, and...a lemur.

easter love, round two!

at o'suz we believe easter is not just for the little ones. we love to send easter cards to peeps near and far and celebrate the coming of green grass and flower buds, sunshine and warm breezes, and, of course, new baby critters. here are a few of our favorite cards!

brand new book all about nests!

bunny necklace from lolli

tshirt from supermaggie
(note: the shirt we have in the shop is

dress your easter table with bunny or chick
salt & pepper shakers!

treats for easter baskets!

the days are finally starting to feel a little like spring, and easter is nearly upon us! easter baskets are always a treat, teeming with chocolate and sweet treats. though we would never turn down a chocolate bunny or a reese's peanut butter egg, we also love these longer-lasting gifties:

holztiger wooden bunnies, pigs, chicks, and more!

danish company maileg makes these sweet bunny rabbits
who are all dolled up for spring!

fair trade bunnies from melange
organic bunnies from sckoon are perfect for first easter baskets!

kata golda's keepsake tooth fairy pocket

not surprisingly, we love all the books celebrating easter and spring!
we've got a few classics that you might remember from when you were
a wee one, like 'the country bunny' or 'the runaway bunny,' and plenty of
newer titles, too!

dandylion press

just in time for spring and easter, we have lots of goodies from our new friends at
dandylion press. between those adorable bunnies, chickadees and jackalopes, how can you resist?!

golden yellow black bunny card

prepared for all contingencies brown jackalope card

bright eyed bunny card

playing with fireworks card

baby jackalope out for an amble round the park

chicken and chick card