pigeon toe

introducing one of our favorite new artists.
we would love to welcome pigeon toe to the o'suz family.

Pigeon Toeʼs aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. Highly curated and refined, each piece is culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts."

pigeon toe

scheming to put these on our porch....
they are stunning and make for the sweetest light by which to
entertain and celebrate.
we have a few sets in stock and hope to hang them this week!

jonathan adler menagerie

oh how happy it makes us that we are carrying jonathan adler ceramics. they are all creamy white and pay homage to one critter or another, so what's not to love. i finally snagged a whale butterdish this time around and absolutely love having him on the counter, especially since redford wants cinn/raisin toast almost every morn these days. cold butter is just a bummer, but no more. now it's soft and living in a whale!

bottle stoppers!

ornaments (more critters in the shop)

this squirrel holds a nut...
this nut hides or holds something very small and very special,
you decide what. (he's bigger than he looks here)

this whale of a pitcher is just that.
he or she is nothing short of awesome.
this turtle doubles as a box,
to stash whatever you feel might be happy in the belly of a turtle!

imm living

the coolest line of ceramics have landed at o'suz.
it's simple but edgy and all pieces are functional which is even better.
gnome juicer
teacup with a dear deer inside to greet you as you sip
my fave, the teacup with an owly within

how cool is this? deer antler jewelry dish
oh so sweet nightingale creamer
this squirrel hangs on the wall and can hang your coat or scarves.
(we have yet to hang it up so please inquire)!
4 different braille cups with messages including "be kind"
(great for a pen/pencil holder as well as to sip from)

bird juicer

yoska stacking cups

and lastly, this snowman is a multi-tasker! he holds sugar, salt and pepper,
all while making you smile.

squirrels are lining up at o'suz

Carrie: "You can't make friends with a squirrel. squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits."

unlike carrie, from sex and the city, we are nuts for our squirrels at o'suz. it's hard to resist such a cute and furry little woodland creature. be sure to come in and check out all these critters before they scamper back to the forest with their winter stash of acorns.

mcnuttie the squirrel from bla bla holding his acorn ornament from roost

pyrrha squirrel necklace
(represents a lover of nature and the woods)

bla bla 6 month squirrel sweater and hat

mark poulin squirrel necklaces

sukie agenda, tomo tomo squirrel lunch box,
and the boygirlparty magnet squirrel playing a guitar!

enormous champion i heart you card, squirrel postcard by the claudettes, and modern twist keepsake box

jonathan adler porcelain squirrel ring box

fun little tag acorn magnets, as well as these fantastic acorn tokens

roost squirrel lamp

for the love of owls....

As anyone who has stepped foot inside the shop has probably noticed, we have a huge love for owls of all shapes and sizes. They have been flocking in from all over as they know they will find a good home at o'suz. they are friendly and useful and beautiful and mysterious and just plain lovely. come see...

brass owls by Two's Company

Roost owl lamp and owl coasters
by studio vertu

          Two's Company pitcher and Sightings: Extraordinary Encounters with Ordinary Birds by Sam Keen

Kotobuki salt and pepper shakers

New Screech Owl Winking Owl card

girl of all work spiral notepad

And just in! Owl Heads Eco Wallet from Fluffy Co.