squirrels are lining up at o'suz

Carrie: "You can't make friends with a squirrel. squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits."

unlike carrie, from sex and the city, we are nuts for our squirrels at o'suz. it's hard to resist such a cute and furry little woodland creature. be sure to come in and check out all these critters before they scamper back to the forest with their winter stash of acorns.

mcnuttie the squirrel from bla bla holding his acorn ornament from roost

pyrrha squirrel necklace
(represents a lover of nature and the woods)

bla bla 6 month squirrel sweater and hat

mark poulin squirrel necklaces

sukie agenda, tomo tomo squirrel lunch box,
and the boygirlparty magnet squirrel playing a guitar!

enormous champion i heart you card, squirrel postcard by the claudettes, and modern twist keepsake box

jonathan adler porcelain squirrel ring box

fun little tag acorn magnets, as well as these fantastic acorn tokens

roost squirrel lamp


Halloween is quickly approaching, and we're feeling pretty festive here at O'Suz...
cuz who doesn't love a holiday that involves sweets AND a sense of humor!

a peak at our window display: Bla blas in their halloween costumes (check out those masks and capes), Bone Soup, and Nikki McClure tee

mcnuuty the squirrel is going as a mummy this year, and hanging out with a big collection of our halloween rubber stamps in the window

More of our rubber stamps, great for diy decorating and card making

Some of our favorite halloween cards (clockwise from top): Dee & LaLa giraffes in costume, Halloween card by Fiddlesticks, Happy Halloween by Papered Together, and Trick or Treat by Claudia Laub

And how can we forget the Cavallini Glittery Halloween Greetings Postcard set

and what halloween post would be complete without some
sort of child infusion. these are of redford, in his bat leggings, last year at this very time, when he was but 10 months. he is such a big boy now....

love that toosh!