teresa green has left the uk headed for o'suz

"The importance of our range having a function is also key- the utilitarian, functionality and the design play equal roles.
The items are a canvas for the prints, and are designed around the shape and layout of each object.
I have a passion for antique kitchenallia- especially kitchen scales and ladle shaped spoons. Both grandpa’s have also fed my imagination with crammed sheds full of old garden objects and treasure-I have an obsession for elongated watering cans and apple ladders…."

victoria and albert goods just came in!!!!

coincidentally, while jessica was visiting the v&a museum in london, i was here ordering victorian inspired goods from wild and wolfs v and a collection.

these hydrangeas are stunning and welcomed jessica to the museum.

here is just some of what u will find at o'suz now, waiting to welcome you!!
(hydrangeas here just don't look like those in england anymore, toooo hot!)

kennet kitchen drawer kit: "kennet was designed in 1883 by william morris and its meandering stems, acanthus leaves, and flowers are a reaction against victorian industrialization. it was successfully produced as wallpaper, woven silks, and printed fabrics."

hammer and scissors feature the well-known anemone design.

"daisy was the first wallpaper produced by morris & co. in 1864 and was inspired by medieval tapestries."

v&a cray print collection
"cray is a famous print design by william morris and was the most complex and expensive design produced in 1884 as it required 34 printing blocks."

"the patterns come from a volume of wallpapers, which form part of the most comprehensive collection of arts & crafts in the world, housed at the v&a."

new goods are still rollin' in!

kit and lili.
what can we say.
it's an amazing line of 100% cotton canvas bags, printed on both sides, making them reversible.
the shapes include the tech case, perfect for teles and ipods with its quilted lining, 3 pouch sizes, a medium tote, a large tote and the newest laptop case.
the patterns we love most are their classic owls on chocolate reversing to red dots, red owls on cream reversing to brown dots, the newest printed woodgrain reversing to green pebbles, grey pebbles reversing to light blue pebbles, and green leaves reversing to pink hearts.. these images just can't do them justice. they are stunning in person.
p.s. petite bebe carries kit and lili baby and kids clothes!!

jenna rose

jenna rose
spring 2010

...you don't want to miss at least a peek at the treehouses, they are nothing short of incredible,
also, including scarves, summer hats and bags this time!

"Jenna illustrates each design by hand, drawing inspiration from daily life with a focus on eco-friendly objects and environments. Each piece is screen-printed in house using non-toxic water-based pigments and natural and organic materials."

longer days....

are upon us and none to soon. as spring seems be just around the bend, we are in high gear at the shop. the boxes are rolling in near faster then we can find homes for their juicy contents. this is definitely one of many rewards for us, for all the rearranging and revamping we have been doing. the new merch always makes us and our kind peeps smile. this is a good thing don'tcha think? who does not want to smile at this point? winter has seemed long and arduous at times, so chin up, come by and see our new windows for spring and all the new goodies (and bring us a smile while your at it).

introducing SHIRALEAH (super reasonable) vegan bags and wallets:

more pieces of shiraleah coming. some cool pewter bags and wallets and some more bright colors including more lime and a really pretty yellow.
ahhh, spring!

save the date!!!!!!!

so you might remember we had a big 2 for 1 thing going last year at o'suz during the month of december. well this year, we plan to expand on that idea and begin the madness in november. ideally, our plan is to invite you, our loyal readers, and those of you who have so kindly given us your email address, to a preview party on november 19th. we will have the 2 for 1 out for you to peruse and purchase first. we will also have out all xmas merch by then as well as some libations. we are thinking 4-8. mark you calendars and stay tuned....

the horizon

as the holidays fast approach, we are also gearing up for some exciting new challenges here at o'suz. sometime in november we are planning to launch, with the help of ordertopia of charlottesville, our first online shopping cart!! yes, you who might want to peruse some of our offerings or better yet, order them from us will be able to do just that. we will begin by offering up just a sampling of goods and then expand as we feel our virtual shop needs grow. there will be zents scents and soaps and a few of our best selling archipelago candles. we will be selling a few of our favorite current book titles and paper lines as well as some planners and calendars for 2010.we will also have some things for tots and those hard to buy for menfolk in your life as well as some beautiful goods for the ladies. it will seem like just a drop in the bucket in comparison to all that the shop offers, but it's a start. we will announce when and how to get to the online cart as soon as all the work to get it up and running smoothly is done. stay tuned. we will also plan to email all who have signed our email list with this same link!!!!

sale is going on now!!!!!!

alright so i promised to follow up with a list of just some of the steals to be found at o'suz's summer sale.

for the little people you love:
dwell pillows, hand puppets and finger puppets
beth mueller baby clothes and hat
baby blankets by speesees and bla bla
salvor fauna tees with lion, wolf or gorilla
puzzles from mudpuppy
abc wall art cards
flash cards by cavallini
1 girl 1 boy tees
speesees baby clothes
baby cards and kids birthday cards
1 holly aiken baby bag
puj baby slings in amy butler fabrics
organic style (book)
adorable bib embroidery kits
cute animal napkins perfect for a birthday party
french flash cards by cavallini
baby stamps
vilmain baby photo holders
and more...

for u and your friends:
hobo wallets in pink(3)
hobo cosmetic caeses in pink brown and black
hobo patent id cases in pink blue and black
a few jewels including some susan fleming letter charms
and 2 small things necklaces from the modern series
assorted cosmetic cases
2 styles of highway bags
linen flowie bags for summer
yoga mat bag by lotta jansdotter
rose, olive lavender, and lemon verbena soaps by
la compagnie de provence (super large bars $5!)
1 beautiful leather lodis briefcase (laptop case)
queen bee wallets
fluffy co. wallets and ipod cases
lotta jansdotter bags

good lord do we have some cards on sale for specific
occasions and lots of blank ones as well
letterpress galore (including letterpress coasters)
and some non- letterpress that's just sweet and cheap!
it is a veritable smorgasbord of paper lust in here
there is even a 25 cent bin of cards
wrapping paper rolls $1 and $2 a piece
lots of books for cooking, crafting, travel
and a few other cool titles of interest
lots of journals and a few address books and perpetual calendars
packs of cards and stationary
stamps stamps and more stamps
and some paperweights by vilmain.....

for the home:
french bull salad severs and canister sets
a few dryads frames and mirrors
a bunch of wool dash and albert rugs
beth mueller mugs, tumbers and large vases
pink and brown polka dot bowl sets
coir door mats
some select ashley g prints
some flowie table top and table top by simrin
one lamp by slip
a few beachy melamine plates
a cupcake cookie jar
5 dayle teacups (local ceramicist)
a bambooesque teapot and cups by tag
some super cheap decoupage
lotta jansdotter aprons with prints no longer available otherwise

i could go on and on, or did i? ..... but we just want you to know the sale is as good as ever and we love the way it turned out. it accessible, it's broken into sections that are easily shopped and there is so much good stuff. everything that is on sale is at least 50 percent off. we aren't fooling around.
so come stock up, we have shopping baskets ready to be filled.

we also emailed a notice of this sale so if you would like to get in on that type of notification please fill out the mailing list when you are in.
hope to see you this week!

finally open again!

helen's hedgie is famous!

one of our favorite gals, melissa, came to make the day that much sweeter.

wow, our first few days in the new space with the paper off the windows and the door open have come and gone! so many regulars have dropped by, and we've seen some new faces, too.

a big shout out to everyone who made is all happen, especially aaron, jessica, helen, my mom and todd, who were amazing through this whole process. our little double a battery, aaron, kept us all going with coffees and lunch. she also did lots of moving stuff from place to place while we all decided the layout. she broke down boxes, went to ikea, put signs at 2nd street, called in endless damages, priced, organized. really, what didn't she do? she is a powerhouse. thank you, aaron. as for jessica, she went to the new york gift show, first off, right on the heels of a whirlwind rome trip. then she helped me with display, which is no small task when you realize how much we sell. she has an incredible eye for merchandising, color, placement etc., and much of the credit of display anymore should go to her. kudos, girly. you got it goin' on. helen made it possible for me to get work done this last week which is why we were able to open when we did. she watched red at the shop while we worked around their play time and tip toed around what should have been nap time.

we think it was all just too exciting and the dude just couldn't bear to shut those big brown eyes!!!! plus, helen is so fun to play with he just didn't want to stop. thanks, miss helen!!!
i also want to thank my mom for staying with us through the move and the following week while we unpacked and began the set up. she was a trooper, but i think she and red had a blast. he got to know how wonderful his granny is and i think my mom fell in love. last, but never least, i must thank my husband todd. he was there to do much of the hard stuff and still is. he is, and has always has been so supportive of my need to "change it up" and has been with me through the last 3 store changes, not to mention the constant shifting that happens at our home. he is a saint and i love him dearly.

anyhoo, enough rambling, stop by and check out our new digs and spread the word we are back open!!!