poppy treffry has arrived!

long time shoppers and readers will know that we love our british designers! poppy treffry is no exception, and we are excited to have some of her goods in the shop. poppy got her start sewing on an old singer that her grandfather found on a trash heap, and in 2003 poppy treffry became a company in its own right. we picked up a selection of bags (with bicycles, birds, pugs, and dachshunds), tea towels, and cards. come see!

peg & awl

we've been big fans of peg & awl's work for awhile now, so we are so excited to have walter and margaux's work in the shop! they make everything at their workshop in philadelphia. (you can often see work in progress on instagram @pegandawl.) nearly all of their materials are reclaimed, and what really blows us away is the incredibly handmade nature of their goods. each bag, desk caddy, necklace, and pouch has been thoughtfully crafted with careful labor. we're in love!

we have a small number of these totes in two different sizes and in two colors, truffle and slate. the waxed canvas comes from a 5th-generation philadelphia family business, and the interior fabric lining the pockets has been salvaged from early 20th-century shirting and quilting. the leather used in the straps is also on its second life, having first been utilized in the form of gun slings during world war II.

 each of these desk caddies is totally different, both in terms of the natural patterns of the wood and the pattern of wear. the wood has been salvaged from a 19th-century philadelphia building and finished with tung oil.
 these tiny book necklaces are incredible! each book is handmade with archival strathmore paper and leather scraps.

fluf bags rolling in the door...

lately we've been noticing that so many of our favorite goods are made by our friends up north in canada, and fluf is no exception! hailing from toronto, nathalie and terra started fluf in 2005 with a focus on pillows. then they started designing their own textiles, and now fluf's fabrics are hand-printed (locally) on chemical-free hemp and organic cotton, all using water-based, biodegradable dyes. we picked up a few different bags at the gift show, and they landed at o'suz last week!

these little totes reverse perfectly and are
great for daily use, your lunch, your knitting, etc.

we snagged a few of the larger totes like the one above,
also reversible and in lovely colors.

the newest addition to fluf's line are these little
lunch bags, made responsibly in china.
featuring bold graphics that appeal to peeps both big and small,
the bags come with a detachable plastic liner that's easily washed
and keeps any spills from leaking onto (or out of!) the bag.

we've already sold out of one style of the lunch bag,
so come check them out before they're all gone!

new goods are still rollin' in!

kit and lili.
what can we say.
it's an amazing line of 100% cotton canvas bags, printed on both sides, making them reversible.
the shapes include the tech case, perfect for teles and ipods with its quilted lining, 3 pouch sizes, a medium tote, a large tote and the newest laptop case.
the patterns we love most are their classic owls on chocolate reversing to red dots, red owls on cream reversing to brown dots, the newest printed woodgrain reversing to green pebbles, grey pebbles reversing to light blue pebbles, and green leaves reversing to pink hearts.. these images just can't do them justice. they are stunning in person.
p.s. petite bebe carries kit and lili baby and kids clothes!!


sukie sukie sukie!!!!
love the british husband and wife team

sukie's goods made in collaboration with chronicle books:

sukie sticky notes

sukie iron-ons

sukie perpetual calendar

animals on parade note card set
for all ages!!!!!

sukie box of lots and lots of labels
these were unavailable for a time and caused quite the stir...

coming soon, sukie paper block

from sukie in the u.k. we have the following:

sukie blank book #1

sukie blank notebook #2

These two sided simple books with lined pages
take their inspiration from notebooks
found in markets across India.
mention this post and you, our reader, can get 2 for 1 on these!!!

last but not least, i can't say enough about sukie's textile group. they are at one time both vintage feeling and modern. they are unique to sukie too, so you just don't see them everywhere (though they do sell the fabric from their site for that special project....). *just for readers, i am offering 25% off the all sukie fabric accessories if you mention this post.

sukie book bag in alphabet print
stangefruit bookbag,
also available in bird tree

sukie cosmetic bags in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print

sukie pencil cases in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print

flowie bags and tea towels

yaling hou's line of textiles, flowie, has always provided us with an amazing selection of hand printed goods so it's no surprise we recently found ourselves in possession of some new designs from this great lady! new totes and tea towels just in time for easter and spring!

claire tote with removable bow in purple, mustard, and cyan

violet tea towel in light yellow, light blue, and natural gray

longer days....

are upon us and none to soon. as spring seems be just around the bend, we are in high gear at the shop. the boxes are rolling in near faster then we can find homes for their juicy contents. this is definitely one of many rewards for us, for all the rearranging and revamping we have been doing. the new merch always makes us and our kind peeps smile. this is a good thing don'tcha think? who does not want to smile at this point? winter has seemed long and arduous at times, so chin up, come by and see our new windows for spring and all the new goodies (and bring us a smile while your at it).

introducing SHIRALEAH (super reasonable) vegan bags and wallets:

more pieces of shiraleah coming. some cool pewter bags and wallets and some more bright colors including more lime and a really pretty yellow.
ahhh, spring!

october love it...moontea artwork

moontea artwork has been a favorite of all the o'suzannah ladies and our customers ever since we first found it at the stationery show in may 2007. as everyone who's visited the store knows, we love all manner of stationery, but when we spotted oregonian kristin loganbill's bold images and patterns, printed on both paper and fabric, we knew we had found something special. as i was thinking about this post and pondering what it is about moontea that really drew us in, i was (rather nerdily) reminded of a statement made by an art historian (i wasn't kidding about the nerdy) in the wake of the increasing industrialization of our existence. i'll spare you the quotation, but i think it is the incredibly personal and handmade character of moontea that we find so compelling. i love that kristin designs the images and patterns, block prints or screen prints on a soft hemp/cotton blend fabric, and then sews this same fabric into bags, pouches, and petite sachets. it makes me feel like i know something about the past life of the treat i'm holding in my hand, which is a rare thing these days! kristin was kind enough to answer some questions as our october love it feature, so please enjoy this window into her art and life!

pocket book purse with eucalyptus print

What was your first job, and how did you end up printmaking?

I can't say that my first jobs (babysitting and cleaning house) led me to printmaking! I have worked a lot of retail, and I worked as a massage therapist for some time. Working in retail probably led me to want to have my own business. I also loved massage, but at some point I knew I had to try to do my own art- I figured it was better to try and fail then to wonder what would have happened if I had tried! I've always done some sort of art- but printmaking just resonated with me- I just love seeing the method in the art form- it just begs to be touched, if you know what I mean. Plus I like the quality of hand printed items- they just look so perfectly imperfect!

What is your favorite piece/group/series among your own work?

At the moment I am particularly fond of the Stones cloth. I also printed Stones on paper with silvery metallic ink, and love how it turned out. (see photo) It may seem egotistical, but I really do love all my prints- it makes me happy when I am surrounded by them.

Who, past or present, most inspires you?

My favorite artist is Rufino Tamayo, he was a Mexican artist from Oaxaca. The colors he used are earthy and rich, and to me show where he was from and what he loved. Also his subject matter often had a bit of humor in it.

What 3 websites do you visit daily?

Maybe not daily... but I do like to keep up on the blogs "How about Orange?" and "Cicada Daydream." I also like to see what is going on on Flickr. (In addition to your lovely blog, of course!!)
(ed. note: kristin has a blog, too, where i learned she has seven llamas!)

Describe your perfect Sunday morning.

Lots of scenarios would work for this one, but a few perfect elements would be: 1. cup of chai tea 2. being caught up with work (so the mind feels free) 3. going on a hike on the coast, or walk by the creek 4. making some little drawings for future prints.

What do you see outside your studio windows?

I am lucky to have lots of windows in my studio, so I see lots of trees and hay and llamas (eating my garden) and cats, birds and our barn. Here have a look for yourself!

Thank you all for taking the time to share my life with me!

we're so glad to have kristin and moontea on the blog this month, and just a few weeks ago we received a new box teeming with new bags and pouches! come check them out at the shop -- see you soon!

gift fair, take one

while most new yorkers are fleeing the oppressive heat of the city during the first few weeks of august, thousands of professional shoppers descend on manhattan for the new york international gift fair. the javits center plays host to countless aisles of vendors, selling everything you can imagine: books, bags, product, baby gear, jewelry, tableware, and so on. this is one of the ways we keep up with what's new from our current peeps and also find new lines that we love. between placing reorders and new orders, collecting catalogs, fiddling with the calculator, chatting with our o'suz pals, and trying to remember to eat, it's an absolute whirlwind of activity! in other words, it is SO much fun.

definitely one of the best parts of the gift show is discovering new lines and meeting people whose wares you've only ever heard about on the internet or through word of mouth. (also, i should say there are some 'celebrities' at the gift show. for example, thomas paul was actually working his own booth, and i was so starstruck by his natty style that i was dumbfounded into silence.) we wanted to give our faithful readers a little sneak peek into some of the new delights that will be popping up in the store this fall -- we hope you'll be as excited as we are!

(photo courtesy of pillow pillow pillow)

one of the products i'm most excited about is the tote bag group from pillow pillow pillow. while i can't actually show you the tote bags (no photography is allowed at the show), i can tell you that these bags are painfully adorable. as a hardcore lover of the mighty boston terrier, i can assure you that i will be sporting my 'otis' all over town. fyi, all the dogs in their line are actually modeled after real life pooches, and they are always on the lookout for new pups to lead double lives as pillows.

we love our jewelry at o'suzannah, so we are forever scoping the scene for beautiful and fun new lines. this time around we found several new possibilities, but we can tell you for sure that lucid new york will be debuting in the shop soon. (check out their site for images!) we're getting a few of anna's classic pieces and several others from her 'charming' collection, which are all sterling silver single charm necklaces. as you know, we love the proud and prickly hedgie here at o'suz, so i was pleased as punch when a good friend gifted me with lucid's hedgie necklace last christmas. however, we know that not everyone is as enamored by the hedgehog as we are, so we also ordered a nice selection of her other charms -- horseshoes, keys, birds, wishbones, and so on.

(image courtesy of the lomographic society)

on the giftie front, we're excited to introduce a few cameras from the lomographic society. they've not only invented some new cameras in the last decade, but they've also brought back some of the most iconic cameras of the 20th century, among them the lomo, holga, and diana. we'll be getting a few of the newer cameras, like the actionsampler, but also the classic diana, an all-plastic camera introduced in the 1960s. the diana is a great experimental camera and produces more lo-fi imagery. all of the lomographic society's cameras come with modern instructions and tips for getting exciting photos. no one would ever call me a photographer, but i do own a few of these babies and have a lot of fun experimenting with the end products.

(image courtesy of third drawer down)

one of the hands down coolest things we got at the show comes from australia's third drawer down. they print contemporary artists' work on household linens: tea towels, handkerchiefs, aprons, pillowcases, and so on. continuing one of the most dominant themes of 20th-century art, these objects encourage a dialogue between art and everyday life, which is a project i personally find extremely compelling. all of their textile projects are editioned works of art -- it's up to you how you use them, whether they're hanging on your oven door or mounted on stretcher bars in your living room. this is an incredible way to bring art into your home and to support contemporary artists. i can't wait to get my hands on a camilla engman tea towel!

these are just a few of the new lines that you'll see in o'suzannah in the coming months -- there are so many more en route, too! stay tuned for the second part of my gift show post, where i'll let you know about some of the new goodies from our old friends. xoxo, jessica.

"love it" for july: FLOWIE

so flowie is one of our newest and favorite textile designers. she uses cotton and linen, or a blend of the 2, on which she screenprints by hand, her own designs.  she keeps work done on these textiles, on a local level, in the bay area where she lives. if you want to know MORE about yaling, go to yalinglou.com like we did. she is super talented and we just love her! not sure who found who but it is a match made! thanks yaling xo
interview with yaling of FLOWIE:

what was your first job and how did you end up designing textiles and creating bags and accessories?

I worked as an in-house graphic/web designer for a company in Taiwan. Then, I got married and moved back to the US. I love fashion and I love graphic design as well. So, I decided to go back to school to study textile design, which combines my both interests. While I was in school, I made myself many bags to carry my school supplies, and I received many compliments on my bags. After school, I decided to give it a try and launched Flowie.

what is your favorite piece/group/series in your work?

I love everything I designed and created. If I really have to pick one, it would be the one of new series I’m working on right now. It will be available by the end July. Hope you will love them, too!

who or what inspires you?

Most of my designs are inspired by people around me or a special event in my life. That’s why I named many of my prints after my friends. Movies are my other source of inspiration.

what three websites do you visit daily?

Design*Sponge, Dooce, Decor8

describe your ideal sunday.

Wake up and drink my morning coffee that my husband  has prepared for me. Take our dog out for a walk. Think about which color to paint our rooms (we just move into our first house). Drive to HomeDepot to buy paint supplies. Paint the wall. Take a break to watch Law and Order rerun on TV. Continue painting and decorating the house. Let our dog run in the backyard while I water the plants.
Cook a nice dinner. Go to bed early.

what do you see outside your studio windows?

Lots of trees and flowers.