extra! extra!

hey, have you heard? we're all grown up and having a baby! you may have noticed all of our baby and kids goodies have slowly disappeared over the past few weeks. after much hard work they are now reunited and happily settled in the adjoining space at 110 fourth street n.e. we're opening all the doors friday, september 30, so come visit a slightly more mature o'suz at 114 and a brand spanking new o'suz next door!

save the date-november 18th!!

(birch trees by lisa congdon)

so it's hard to believe that november is upon us,
bringing with her a cold snap and some stunning leaf colors.
while this november means many things to many of you,
the election, birthdays, thanksgiving etc..,
it means one thing to us at o'suz, or shall i say, 2 things!!

yes, it's time for our now annual 2 for 1 party!!
last year's party was a HUGE success on so many levels.
the turn out was phenomenal as were the deals.
everyone seemed to leave with a bag or 2 or 3!!
smiles and laughter were abundant but there was also a seriousness to the night.
folks were determined to find and grab goods for the holidays.

just like last year we are having the event the thursday before thanksgiving.
(if it isn't broke, don't go fixin' it, right?)
in this case, that happens to be november 18th!

unlike last year, we may need a bit longer to set it up
we will close at 12 noon to get the store gussied up.
the good news, the deals are abundant and holiday merchandise will be out this time!
so at the very least it's a great time to snatch up your xmas cards.

in addition to the 2 for 1 goodies we have been stashing since last january (hello!),
those attending during the scheduled hours of the party will be able to buy
all non 2-4-1 at 15% off. that includes everything: jewels, lamps, baby goods, etc...

the party will begin promptly at 4pm and not a minute before
and we will stay open until 8pm.

we will have bubbly water and delightful prosecco from market street wine shop.

we so hope to see you all there, so please mark your calendars,
spread the word, and save the date!

*we will also email all those on our mailing list in the next 2 weeks with all the info.

summer sale news

hello friends!

our summer sale is just days away, kicking off thursday, june 3 at 10 am!

here are just a few of the many, many goodies we've included:

built market totes and wine totes
hobo wallets (select colors)
smafolk shirts for wee ones!
highway bags (select styles)
susan fleming jewelry
a selection of dryads dancing frames
books and stationery galore

ALL sale will be priced as marked with goods ranging from 40%-75% off.
all "sale sales" are final, so choose wisely.
as usual, this will be a big, juicy sale, so we advise you stock up for upcoming birthdays, christmas, etc..

in an effort to reduce waste and reuse what we admittedly all have lying around, we are offering $1 off to all who bring their own bags.
if you purchase an envirosax reusable bag to cart your sale swag home, you'll get $1 off the price of the envirosax!
these dollars will be tallied and donated to our local s.p.c.a by o'suz at sale's end.

see you soon!

welcoming 2010 and prepping for sale

so as we settle into 2010 and reflect on 2009 (a little), it is safe for us to say that we were happy to turn the page. o'suz loves change and a new year always holds great possibilies. we hope to have a website soon and an an online shop as well, but in the mean time it is business as usual and that is OK!

as always, our sale is just around the bend. the plan, as of now, is to have it all out by this monday, january 4rth, at opening. there is a fair amount: lots of books and tons and tons of cards and kids stuff comes to mind, as i type from home on this uber windy day. it is safe to say though, that it will be as juicy as always cuz once i get going, i usually get wild hairs and throw some serious merch in for good measure. aaron will be there monday to sell it up and i will be there tuesday working for our lovely jessica who is in italia teaching for 3 weeks!!!
* miss you jessa, says red

come see us if u can,
here's to goodtimes in 2010.

sale is going on now!!!!!!

alright so i promised to follow up with a list of just some of the steals to be found at o'suz's summer sale.

for the little people you love:
dwell pillows, hand puppets and finger puppets
beth mueller baby clothes and hat
baby blankets by speesees and bla bla
salvor fauna tees with lion, wolf or gorilla
puzzles from mudpuppy
abc wall art cards
flash cards by cavallini
1 girl 1 boy tees
speesees baby clothes
baby cards and kids birthday cards
1 holly aiken baby bag
puj baby slings in amy butler fabrics
organic style (book)
adorable bib embroidery kits
cute animal napkins perfect for a birthday party
french flash cards by cavallini
baby stamps
vilmain baby photo holders
and more...

for u and your friends:
hobo wallets in pink(3)
hobo cosmetic caeses in pink brown and black
hobo patent id cases in pink blue and black
a few jewels including some susan fleming letter charms
and 2 small things necklaces from the modern series
assorted cosmetic cases
2 styles of highway bags
linen flowie bags for summer
yoga mat bag by lotta jansdotter
rose, olive lavender, and lemon verbena soaps by
la compagnie de provence (super large bars $5!)
1 beautiful leather lodis briefcase (laptop case)
queen bee wallets
fluffy co. wallets and ipod cases
lotta jansdotter bags

good lord do we have some cards on sale for specific
occasions and lots of blank ones as well
letterpress galore (including letterpress coasters)
and some non- letterpress that's just sweet and cheap!
it is a veritable smorgasbord of paper lust in here
there is even a 25 cent bin of cards
wrapping paper rolls $1 and $2 a piece
lots of books for cooking, crafting, travel
and a few other cool titles of interest
lots of journals and a few address books and perpetual calendars
packs of cards and stationary
stamps stamps and more stamps
and some paperweights by vilmain.....

for the home:
french bull salad severs and canister sets
a few dryads frames and mirrors
a bunch of wool dash and albert rugs
beth mueller mugs, tumbers and large vases
pink and brown polka dot bowl sets
coir door mats
some select ashley g prints
some flowie table top and table top by simrin
one lamp by slip
a few beachy melamine plates
a cupcake cookie jar
5 dayle teacups (local ceramicist)
a bambooesque teapot and cups by tag
some super cheap decoupage
lotta jansdotter aprons with prints no longer available otherwise

i could go on and on, or did i? ..... but we just want you to know the sale is as good as ever and we love the way it turned out. it accessible, it's broken into sections that are easily shopped and there is so much good stuff. everything that is on sale is at least 50 percent off. we aren't fooling around.
so come stock up, we have shopping baskets ready to be filled.

we also emailed a notice of this sale so if you would like to get in on that type of notification please fill out the mailing list when you are in.
hope to see you this week!

click click click...specials on lomography cameras!!!

this weekend charlottesville plays host to LOOK3 festival of the photograph. exhibitions are mounted, artist talks are given, parties are had, and photographs are snapped. it's always fun to see the festival goers traipsing around the mall with all manner of camera in tow, from tiny plastic toy cameras to polaroids to hasselblads. we have a few fun cameras in the shop from lomography, purveyors of classic (and unpredictable) analog cameras like the holga, diana, and the famous russian "spy camera," the lomo. in recent years lomography has introduced new cameras to their line up, and we currently have the fisheye and the colorsplash.
as you might expect, the fisheye gives all the photos you take a fishbowl appearance, like this photo borrowed from lomography's website:

i think you can imagine the insane cuteness potential here for photos of kids and pets. the other camera we have is the colorsplash, which comes with twelve different filters that make your photos super saturated, like this:

both of these cameras kick it old school and use 35mm film, which means you get lots of surprises when you pick your photos up. in celebration of the festival of the photograph, we're offering these cameras at 25% off for the month of june!!! wowee!!! (and don't forget that father's day is june 21!)

our economic stimulus package(s)

so we were thinking of ways to encourage good gift giving this year. we know times are tight but it's xmas, and it's hard to refrain from the festivities. giving just feels good, plain and simple. here is what we have up our sleeves. we are having a 2 for 1 sale on lots of fun goodies, some of them are even already wrapped! some are out now & some will be out black friday bright and early. here is a list of we have come up with so far:

sniff tissue packets in fun prints 2 for $3.50
apivita to go packets (skin, face and hair care)
aluminum post it note holders 2 for $10
lafco bath salt packets 2 for $10
cool aluminum cases (wallet like) 2 for $15
vibrant nylon bags that can be zipped into a pouch 2 for $15
jill bliss posters 2 for $20
sabre french utensils (we have peelers, bottles openers, demitasse spoons, cake knives....)
decals by dvider 2 of the same priced decal for 1 (range from 30 to 56 and come in tubes)
and the best for last are the lotta jansdotter pillows 2 for 1. these are no longer made by lotta, making them super rare and super special! they are amazing and would make a beautiful gift (or you could give 1 and keep 1).

quantities are all limited, some more than others, so come stock up. many of the goodies will fit perfectly in a stocking! (we've got those, too.) hey, and have nice thanksgiving.

the news on the street...

alrighty then, as promised, this blog is here to tell you the news and the news is that our BIG SUMMER SALE is about to begin. gadzooks, i know it's early but with gas prices the way they are and the heat index already breaking records, i say why not? we will begin the SALE friday the 13th, yup, your lucky day. the sale will be more contained than usual but will take on a life of its own with each passing day. we have tons to go in the sale, but we just don't have tons of room so we will put it out gradually. this means we hope to see all of you SALE lovers frequently. we open at 11am on friday and don't forget we open at 10am on saturdays, so try to get by and see the loot. we can't wait to see you!!!!

memorial day hours

so i promised we would let peeps know if and when we are closed or have amended hours and low and behold, memorial weekend snuck up on us! we will be open sunday hours tomorrow, memorial day. so 12-5 it is. come see us if your plans include a downtown stroll or if you have the day off, as many do, and just feel a need to shop it up. whatever your day holds in store, enjoy it!