mama's day celebration, may 3!

 it goes without saying (but we're sayin' it anyway) that we love our moms around here.

we also love all the moms that shop here and all the grannies, too. we especially love new moms and moms to be. does that cover it? oh, AND all the future mamas who are stashing goodies for their future fams! so....we want to celebrate all of you!

on thursday, may 3rd from 5-8 we will open our doors to all moms, grannies, mamas to be and yes, those of you who might just want to treat the moms you love.

*there will be juicy 2-4-1 goodies that we have been hoarding just for this occasion, on both sides of the shop.
*we will also have an extra special drawing for all moms who attend.
*in addition, we will extend 10% off your purchase (not including any 2-4-1 you may find yourself nabbing)!!
*want a sneak peek of some of the goodies?

*and there will be bubbly, one can't forget the bubbly!

so please come and celebrate moms everywhere!
spoil yourself or a mom you know and love.

p.s. see that sweet face at the top of the page? those cute pursed lips belong to ezra, baby extraordinaire of our own aaron! ezra made his debut on april 4, and as you can see, he is absolutely scrumptious! we can't wait to watch redford showing ezra the ropes in the few years...

not to be missed

hey, have you heard?
we're all grown up and having a baby!

you may have noticed all of our baby and kids goodies
have slowly disappeared over the past few weeks.
after much hard work they are now reunited
and happily settled in the adjoining space at 110 fourth street n.e.
we're so excited that the existing shop gets to grow up a bit
and that we can let all things cute run wild right next door!

to celebrate our new addition,
we're having a little soiree with bubbly and sweet deals.
come see us:

thursday, october 6
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
114 AND 110 fourth street n.e.

everything in 114 fourth street will be 10% off, and even better,
everything in 110 will be 20% off! not only that,
but we're pulling out all of our children's two-for-one merchandise just for this event,
so you can stock up on birthday and holiday gifts for all the little ones in your life now!
(stay tuned, of course, for news of our annual 2-4-1 party in november!)

p.s. fun giveaway treats for the first 20 peeps
through the door!
come see us!
114 and 110 fourth street n.e.
charlottesville, va 22902
(434) 979-7467

save the date-november 18th!!

(birch trees by lisa congdon)

so it's hard to believe that november is upon us,
bringing with her a cold snap and some stunning leaf colors.
while this november means many things to many of you,
the election, birthdays, thanksgiving etc..,
it means one thing to us at o'suz, or shall i say, 2 things!!

yes, it's time for our now annual 2 for 1 party!!
last year's party was a HUGE success on so many levels.
the turn out was phenomenal as were the deals.
everyone seemed to leave with a bag or 2 or 3!!
smiles and laughter were abundant but there was also a seriousness to the night.
folks were determined to find and grab goods for the holidays.

just like last year we are having the event the thursday before thanksgiving.
(if it isn't broke, don't go fixin' it, right?)
in this case, that happens to be november 18th!

unlike last year, we may need a bit longer to set it up
we will close at 12 noon to get the store gussied up.
the good news, the deals are abundant and holiday merchandise will be out this time!
so at the very least it's a great time to snatch up your xmas cards.

in addition to the 2 for 1 goodies we have been stashing since last january (hello!),
those attending during the scheduled hours of the party will be able to buy
all non 2-4-1 at 15% off. that includes everything: jewels, lamps, baby goods, etc...

the party will begin promptly at 4pm and not a minute before
and we will stay open until 8pm.

we will have bubbly water and delightful prosecco from market street wine shop.

we so hope to see you all there, so please mark your calendars,
spread the word, and save the date!

*we will also email all those on our mailing list in the next 2 weeks with all the info.

24 hours from now....

i know where at least 80 of you will be- AT O"SUZ being festive and sharing in the holiday cheer we plan to spread around with glee. are you coming? 4-8 at o'suz (on 4th street northeast).
at the very least there will be bubbly spirits (with alcohol and without), serious 2 4 1 goodies, perfect for gift giving including lots of kids and baby goods 2 4 1!!! .....and don't forget the 15 % off storewide during those hours, just for you!!!!