peg & awl

we've been big fans of peg & awl's work for awhile now, so we are so excited to have walter and margaux's work in the shop! they make everything at their workshop in philadelphia. (you can often see work in progress on instagram @pegandawl.) nearly all of their materials are reclaimed, and what really blows us away is the incredibly handmade nature of their goods. each bag, desk caddy, necklace, and pouch has been thoughtfully crafted with careful labor. we're in love!

we have a small number of these totes in two different sizes and in two colors, truffle and slate. the waxed canvas comes from a 5th-generation philadelphia family business, and the interior fabric lining the pockets has been salvaged from early 20th-century shirting and quilting. the leather used in the straps is also on its second life, having first been utilized in the form of gun slings during world war II.

 each of these desk caddies is totally different, both in terms of the natural patterns of the wood and the pattern of wear. the wood has been salvaged from a 19th-century philadelphia building and finished with tung oil.
 these tiny book necklaces are incredible! each book is handmade with archival strathmore paper and leather scraps.