hippity hop! easter's nearly here!

easter is right around the corner (along with real spring weather, hopefully!), and we've got lots of goodies for filling easter baskets. here are some of our faves:
holztiger bunnies appeal to all ages! 
(p.s. a group of rabbits can be called a colony, warren, or nest.)
this coral & tusk bunny doubles as a necklace and a pouch for tiny treasures.

a tiny rabbit necklace, embroidered on felt and strung on pink twine.

this bunny is rocking some espadrilles!

mouse in a matchbox!

this sheep would love to peek out of an easter basket in his new home!

oh, and one last thing, did we mention that we have caramels? oh yes, very, very yummy caramels perfect for easter baskets (or for a "i just finished all my easter basket shopping!" treat).

p.s. we will be closed on easter sunday. happy hunting!