valentine's gifties

here are some of our very favorite valentine gifties for all ages!

you can't go wrong with a hobo wallet, and we love this rich flame color!
pierced by the arrows of love! coral & tusk/tracey tanner embroidered leather pouch!
new pyrrha jewels have arrived, and there are so many good ones to express your love! this talisman shows two hearts tied together with ribbon above the word forever. 

this heart is surrounded by the phrase "you are imprinted on my heart" in french. 
tres romantic! 
this seal shows a winged heart flying above the globe, representing a love that has no limits.  the phrase "tout pour vous" (all for you) surrounds the image.

the deco collection is a new release for soap & paper factory, and we are in love with the hand creams and perfumes! the scents include neroli, marine, and tuberose. 
another sweet product is this scotch naturals nail polish. scotch offers non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional polishes. and who doesn't want to wear a color called "kiltlifter?!"

need something to hold all those little treats? this apple & bee lovebird wash bag folds out with lots of little compartments perfect for travel. (weekend getaway, anyone?)


don't forget the little ones! henry in love is a perennial favorite around here.

and of course we wouldn't pass up hedgehug! it's a hedgehog looking for love! 

we have the kids version of scotch naturals as well. a perfect mother-daughter giftie! 

we'd love to help you pick out the perfect expression of your love -- come see us this week!