a little holiday pop-up shop...

you might recall that a few posts back, we were looking for a tenant/neighbor to occupy the space beside us on 4th street. well, we thought you might like to meet our new neighbor. it seems we're a perfect ft for one another. .....

has decided to create a holiday pop up shop. it's quite perfect actually as we are brimming with holiday delights and space to show it off is at a premium. we plan to open our festive shop and reveal our christmas swag during a special evening event on thursday, november 8. the 110 space will reopen as a little holiday wonderland and will stay open through the season!* here are the details:

thursday, november 8
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
(enter through the usual door at 114 4th street)

oh, and as a little treat for you, we are taking 15% off your total purchase during those two hours only! woohoo! this is a perfect chance to stock up for all those november/december birthdays and the holidays! we can't wait to see you there!

* 110 4th street n.e. is still for lease, so if you know someone...get in touch!
** please note that this event will not include any 2-4-1 or sale merchandise. we had our mega-crazy sale in august, so we're really focusing on showing off lots of new holiday goodies and getting festive with it!