back to school!

back to school is always one of our favorite times of year -- fresh crayons and pens, nice clean notebooks, a new book bag -- all these things make us a little giddy. a new school year also means a new planner, and we have tons of new styles at the shop. here are a few...
this "vintage year" planner is available in brown and peach, too. 
the inscription on the front reads "a dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true."
easel-style weekly planner with a magnetic closure.
also available in red. 
this planner has charming drawings scattered throughout. 
two super cute pocket-size planners with stickers included!
this one reminds me of the blog things organized neatly.  
for setting goals and making a plan of action!
each day of this planner is enclosed by a frame.
the red clover planner is always a favorite here, 
and it's also available in aqua. 
ecojot weekly planners come in a few different styles as well.
this weekly planner has a pocket on the front for an image of your choice.

the images above and below are both planner pads that allow you to tear off 
each month and week, respectively.

millimeter/milligram has acquired a dedicated following in the states,
and the draw your tomorrow and tomorrow planners are great spiral-bound options.
all of the planners we've seen so far have been undated, so you can start them whenever you like. we do have one planner and one calendar that start in august of 2012 and offer monthly views through december 2013.
come by and ask to see the selection, and we'll happily give you a planner tour! 
stay tuned for more back to school treats!