super huge SHOP and SALE news!

are you a fan of o'suz? do you lie awake at night wondering what's next for us? well, if so, you will want to know that a fresh take on o'suzannah is just weeks away. after some serious thought, we have decided to let go of our additional space where our kids merch has been living these past spacious months. fear not though, we will continue to forge an original path, selling goods for all ages (just with less space). it'll be like old times but with a twist! change is the name of the game here at o'suz!

you might be wondering how, at this very moment, this affects you. let me tell you. we are going to have, hands down, the most insane sale in the history of o'suz! yes, that's right. we will be selling some of our coveted fixtures, merch we still love but can't squeeze into the original space, last ofs, summery things, rugs and lamps we can no longer do justice to, and so on. we will do our best to post a few previews as we prepare! (fyi, for those of you who have scored tons of gifties at our previous 2-4-1 parties, this means our november event will be pared down a bit, so come get the goods now!)

the details are as follows:
the whole store will be closed this monday and tuesday,  july 30th and 31st.
the  expansion space/kids side will re-open wednesday,  august 1st, chock full of sale things you want and need!
the original space will be closed until further notice. perhaps open by the weekend, but we just aren't certain of the timeline yet, lots of smooshing to do and you know how we like it to all be purrrty!

thanks for sticking with us during this transition -- we're excited to reimagine and reinvent the space that so many of you refer to as your happy place!