summer time goodies galore at o'suz

okay, it is hot, really really hot,
 and lots of people are without power. 
if only we could all get to the beach,
plop down under an umbrella,
with a good book and a chilly beverage.....
in the meantime, you can at least get a taste at o'suz.
(where it's nice and cool)

patch solid perfume and votive,
they smell divine.

16 oz life factory water bottle
(dishwasher safe)

The Sea: An Anthology of Maritime Photography since 1843
(incredible photographs)
la compaigne liquid soap
(it smells like the sea)

coastal style 
interiors book
(doesn't hurt to dream, right?)
22 oz glass water bottle
(water never tasted so good)
water spray

  sun spray


 this is hands down my very favorite soap.
i have a bar in every shower in my house.
it smells awesome and exfoliates
like a dream!

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