hot tamale


you are not alone if you are hot...
we are feeling the heat at o'suz too.
 our ac is struggling to keep up, our water machine is broken. 
we are short staffed but training. 
boxes are rolling in faster than we can price and put the exciting merch out.
 (nothing compared to those who have have no power,
 so please don't imagine we are truly asking for pity.)

so, to cheer you, we are offering you, our loyal readers only,  
 a cool 10% off anything and everything (excluding sale merch)
for the next 2 days, july 6th and 7th. 
all you have to say is any one of the following:
"it's hot as the dickens out there"
"it's blazing saddles out there"
"it's hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof"
or we would welcome your own old time sayings regarding this heatwave!
anywhich way that's all you gotta do. 
come see all the new goodies 
and get 10% off!!!! 

(our small offering in these tough times)