mama's day celebration, may 3!

 it goes without saying (but we're sayin' it anyway) that we love our moms around here.

we also love all the moms that shop here and all the grannies, too. we especially love new moms and moms to be. does that cover it? oh, AND all the future mamas who are stashing goodies for their future fams! so....we want to celebrate all of you!

on thursday, may 3rd from 5-8 we will open our doors to all moms, grannies, mamas to be and yes, those of you who might just want to treat the moms you love.

*there will be juicy 2-4-1 goodies that we have been hoarding just for this occasion, on both sides of the shop.
*we will also have an extra special drawing for all moms who attend.
*in addition, we will extend 10% off your purchase (not including any 2-4-1 you may find yourself nabbing)!!
*want a sneak peek of some of the goodies?

*and there will be bubbly, one can't forget the bubbly!

so please come and celebrate moms everywhere!
spoil yourself or a mom you know and love.

p.s. see that sweet face at the top of the page? those cute pursed lips belong to ezra, baby extraordinaire of our own aaron! ezra made his debut on april 4, and as you can see, he is absolutely scrumptious! we can't wait to watch redford showing ezra the ropes in the few years...