what i like about kikkerland is that they just keep coming up with crazy cool new things:
employing inspired new artists who never fail to design unique stuff.
i have been buying kikkerland goods for 13 years now
and as long as they keep it coming i will keep bringing in a selection of their goods.
here's what we have this holiday season:

for anyone with fingers and toes!

hedgy nail brushes

for the laundry lover
a huge owl laundry bag
hedgy dryer balls

for the young or young at heart:

a bike bell

a piggy led flashlight

crystal shaped crayons

for the writer in you life:

mechanical pencils

retro pen set
owl led pens

for the bath

for the front door

for the entertainer

for those in need of a "boost"

for those half eaten bags of chips, and they talk back!

bag clips