jessica's wishlist!

yippee, christmas is nearly here! we've been wrapping up a storm here at o'suz, and we love seeing the goods going to exciting new homes! we'll be here everyday right through christmas eve, so if you've still got a few names left on your list, come see us! let's see what made the cut for jessica's wishlist...

this 3-d pop-up animal calendar is so snazzy! each animal stands on its own
and shows you two months at a time. once the year is over,
just refold them inside out and you've got a little paper menagerie!

everybody's been loving the fresh, clean scents of blithe & bonny.
we have candles, soaps, bath salts, and bubble baths
in jasmine, rose, lavender, grapefruit, and (jessica's favorite) eucalyptus mint.
seriously, so yummy and packaged in all recycled materials!

oh, sibella court, we love you so. sibella is an amazing stylist, shop owner, author, and traveler.
her most recent book, nomad, just hit shelves, and it is a stunning visual chronicle
of the inspiration she draws from her travels.

coral & tusk is the bee's knees, and these little holiday ornaments
are painfully adorable. all embroidered in brooklyn by stephanie, it's tempting
to leave these out all year! (p.s. there's a narwhal!)

even if you do pack up your ornament, there are other options,
like this amazing framed "owl wreath." these balancing critters want to come home with you!

lastly, these necklaces from iswas+willbe are made of tiny czech seed beads
with a nice chunk of agate at the center. we have all of the colors you see above,
so now the only difficulty is choosing which one. these are jessica's go to gift for everyone
from picky teenagers to your favorite aunt.

we'll be back soon with suzannah's wishlist!