eleanor's wishlist

we're back with more wishlist action! this collection of goodies comes from eleanor, one of the other new faces you might have noticed around o'suz in the last few months. eleanor spends most of her days working in the gardens of monticello and is always ready to entertain (and educate) with interesting TJ anecdotes. here are some of her favorite things!

cashmere socks and sweater tights from ilux.
cozy feet are a necessity in the coming months!

alice waters' 'the art of simple food' is one of our favorite cookbooks,
good for foodies and newbies!

many of you out there swear by your highway bags,
and this shimmery pewter number is perfect for winter.

la compagnie de provence's marseille soaps smell ah-maaaazing,
and we love their simple but bold glass bottles.

now for some stocking stuffers!
every year the hudson valley seed library works with artists
to create inspired packaging for their heirloom seeds.

flip & tumble bags roll into themselves for easy storage.
they're great for shopping and come in bright, cheery colors.
good for carrying home your holiday loot!

stay tuned for more wishlists as hanukkah and christmas inch ever closer!