jonathan adler menagerie

oh how happy it makes us that we are carrying jonathan adler ceramics. they are all creamy white and pay homage to one critter or another, so what's not to love. i finally snagged a whale butterdish this time around and absolutely love having him on the counter, especially since redford wants cinn/raisin toast almost every morn these days. cold butter is just a bummer, but no more. now it's soft and living in a whale!

bottle stoppers!

ornaments (more critters in the shop)

this squirrel holds a nut...
this nut hides or holds something very small and very special,
you decide what. (he's bigger than he looks here)

this whale of a pitcher is just that.
he or she is nothing short of awesome.
this turtle doubles as a box,
to stash whatever you feel might be happy in the belly of a turtle!