victoria and albert goods just came in!!!!

coincidentally, while jessica was visiting the v&a museum in london, i was here ordering victorian inspired goods from wild and wolfs v and a collection.

these hydrangeas are stunning and welcomed jessica to the museum.

here is just some of what u will find at o'suz now, waiting to welcome you!!
(hydrangeas here just don't look like those in england anymore, toooo hot!)

kennet kitchen drawer kit: "kennet was designed in 1883 by william morris and its meandering stems, acanthus leaves, and flowers are a reaction against victorian industrialization. it was successfully produced as wallpaper, woven silks, and printed fabrics."

hammer and scissors feature the well-known anemone design.

"daisy was the first wallpaper produced by morris & co. in 1864 and was inspired by medieval tapestries."

v&a cray print collection
"cray is a famous print design by william morris and was the most complex and expensive design produced in 1884 as it required 34 printing blocks."

"the patterns come from a volume of wallpapers, which form part of the most comprehensive collection of arts & crafts in the world, housed at the v&a."