summer sale news

hello friends!

our summer sale is just days away, kicking off thursday, june 3 at 10 am!

here are just a few of the many, many goodies we've included:

built market totes and wine totes
hobo wallets (select colors)
smafolk shirts for wee ones!
highway bags (select styles)
susan fleming jewelry
a selection of dryads dancing frames
books and stationery galore

ALL sale will be priced as marked with goods ranging from 40%-75% off.
all "sale sales" are final, so choose wisely.
as usual, this will be a big, juicy sale, so we advise you stock up for upcoming birthdays, christmas, etc..

in an effort to reduce waste and reuse what we admittedly all have lying around, we are offering $1 off to all who bring their own bags.
if you purchase an envirosax reusable bag to cart your sale swag home, you'll get $1 off the price of the envirosax!
these dollars will be tallied and donated to our local s.p.c.a by o'suz at sale's end.

see you soon!