zebi baby

"zebi is an expression of life, beauty and individuality. fusing modern and vintage design with high quality, sustainable materials, the zebi collection provides a truly unique array of products for the gift and apparel industry."

whilw we've carried zebi over the years, never before have we been this in love or amazed at how fast it has been finding new homes. i myself would give my eye teeth to put red in it but it appears i have missed the boat. the zebi collection is for ~2 years and under. of course he still uses bibs but i will leave zebi's bibs for all the newbies being born every day out there. i swear there are so many beautiful pregnant women out there. spoil them all, is what i say, and the babes they are birthing.

all zebi fabrics are zebi originals!!



drawstring linen pants

bum covers and bibs