sukie sukie sukie!!!!
love the british husband and wife team

sukie's goods made in collaboration with chronicle books:

sukie sticky notes

sukie iron-ons

sukie perpetual calendar

animals on parade note card set
for all ages!!!!!

sukie box of lots and lots of labels
these were unavailable for a time and caused quite the stir...

coming soon, sukie paper block

from sukie in the u.k. we have the following:

sukie blank book #1

sukie blank notebook #2

These two sided simple books with lined pages
take their inspiration from notebooks
found in markets across India.
mention this post and you, our reader, can get 2 for 1 on these!!!

last but not least, i can't say enough about sukie's textile group. they are at one time both vintage feeling and modern. they are unique to sukie too, so you just don't see them everywhere (though they do sell the fabric from their site for that special project....). *just for readers, i am offering 25% off the all sukie fabric accessories if you mention this post.

sukie book bag in alphabet print
stangefruit bookbag,
also available in bird tree

sukie cosmetic bags in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print

sukie pencil cases in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print