longer days....

are upon us and none to soon. as spring seems be just around the bend, we are in high gear at the shop. the boxes are rolling in near faster then we can find homes for their juicy contents. this is definitely one of many rewards for us, for all the rearranging and revamping we have been doing. the new merch always makes us and our kind peeps smile. this is a good thing don'tcha think? who does not want to smile at this point? winter has seemed long and arduous at times, so chin up, come by and see our new windows for spring and all the new goodies (and bring us a smile while your at it).

introducing SHIRALEAH (super reasonable) vegan bags and wallets:

more pieces of shiraleah coming. some cool pewter bags and wallets and some more bright colors including more lime and a really pretty yellow.
ahhh, spring!