valentines party at o'suz feb 12th!

with all this snow we fear some of you have been unable to do your
valentine's shopping. likewise, we have been closed a few days for
obvious reasons. so, in honor of all this white falling from the sky
and all the red, pink, and sparklies that need homes in o'suz, we are
throwing a valentine's party!!!

when: friday, february 12th from 3-7pm
where: o'suzannah, where else?
who: you, we hope!

the scoop: 20% off all jewels, as well as all things red and all things pink.
also, in case you are still planner shopping, we will have planners
galore, both dated 2010 and undated, at 40% off just for the evening.

menu will include the essentials: chocolate and pink bubbly.
bring a friend and perhaps treat yourself, you know you want to.

we will also hold a raffle of some sort..details to follow....

please rsvp if you can to