proof we love hedgies!

oh, how much we love hedgies....

so if you have been to o'suz lately or know me personally, or jessica for that matter, you know by now that we love our hedgehogs. if o'suz had a mascot, it would have to be the teeny tiny hedgehog. Other folk names include 'urchin', 'hedgepig' and 'furze-pig'. even my son redford has a new found love (though most things are newfound as he is only 2) for the hedgehog. he can identify them faster than most as his mama has taught him well. a few things about the hedgehog (not to be confused with the lovely porcupine) that we love:

"Long before the advent of Groundhog Day on February 2nd, the Romans observed a similar event thousands of years ago on the exact same day. Rather than use the North American groundhog, the Romans used the hedgehog."
Hedgehogs are fairly vocal and communicate through a combination of grunts, snuffles and/or squeals, depending on the species.
Hedgehogs are a powerful form of pest control. A single hedgehog can keep an average garden free of pests by eating up to 200 grams of insects each night. It is common throughout the UK to see people attempting to lure hedgehogs into their gardens with treats and hedgehog-sized holes in their fences.

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more on the way....

girl of all work notebook. check out that hedgie with his spikey cactus friend!

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“The fox has many tricks, and the hedgehog only one, but that is the best of all”