i heart handwork

this pic was taken late, with an iphone and purposefully fuzzy to protect the identities of the ladies in handwork (hee hee)

so on thursday nights a group of very special ladies, whom i feel lucky to know, meet up in town. organized but noneother then robyn g.w., the night includes all of the above: women who are cool, various types of beverages, some sorts of varied handwork, from darning to knitting, and lots of talking and laughing, ( last night even included a snow dance to mj at midnight). the group varies but there are some hardcore participators whom i so look forward to seeing. last night was no exception and i was so glad i went (especially as those ladies will be the last peeps i see that i don't live with for days!) though i did send out a quick email about my hearts for haiti project i had no idea i would have such loving and game friends to assist me and assisit me they did. here is what i came home with!!!!!!