sale news

alert the media!!! i got a day to myself today, a gift from my man, and what did i do? i worked,
but really, it's what i love to do and so it's natural that i ran to o'suz where i found myself knee deep in a rearrange of the sale with the help of my lovely assistant aaron, which then evolved into markdowns of the sale and add ins to the sale, which of course entails purging! so....i'll get to the point. we have a few fixtures and props for sale, some sold today but there are a few more. for example, our coveted by some, red and white enamel table with 2 leaves ($95) 2 of our vertical bookstands from hold everything ($100 for both) and a few other odds and come by tomorrow and check out either the markdowns the add ins, and or the o'suz sale props!!!!