weather weather weather

...seems to be the topic of chat on the streets as of last thursday really. what's truly blowing my mind is how many days until redford turns 2 (3) and we usher in the christmas of 2o09 (4). december has literally flown by in and amidst many snowflakes. just a quick reminder that we are here, the store is full and juicy with even more new goods arriving almost daily.

we also got a wild hair and are making a 4 tiered sale section that u just can't miss, of scratch and dents, last ofs, and the 2 for 1 has been broken up as well. all of these goodies, still worthy of giftyness will be living at the front of the store until the new year rings in so come on by and snatch up some fun stocking stuffers or that special pressie you have just not found yet. we will happily wrap it all and do our best to send you out our door smiling. fyi, we may stay open later this week so give us a call 979-7467 if you'd like to swing in later then our normal 6pm closing time and we will stay, just for you...and you...and you!

p.s. be safe and don't forget the parking garages when circling for a spot to park. some spots are clear downtown but not as many as i would hope to see considering how important this week is to all the downtown retailers and restaurants. if you love downtown, try to pop down and: grab a coffee at mudhouse, some staples at the market street market, some vino or bubby from robert at market street wine shop, a vintage gifty at the consignment house, some lovely treasure from eg or elosie, some kids shoes at boutique boutique and or a gem at angelo for that special someone. hope to see you!!
xo suz