holiday surprises!

while I was blissfully away on my honeymoon in st. john little did i know 2 sneaky ladies, suzannah & jessica were busy, as suzannah would say, "staging a coup!" now suzannah & jessica both, are the absolute hands down best gift givers in the world, and apparently they had been scheming about how to sneak into my house and decorate for christmas & hanukkah! one of the most fun things about being married to my wonderful husband, moriah is that i get to celebrate jewish traditions which i am so enamored with. hanukkah is all about light and renewal. let's just say we have a lot to celebrate: hanukkah, christmas, winter solstice, and to boot moriah's birthday happens to be on christmas day!

so suzannah & jessica got in touch with my neighbor jayme to get a key and moriah and i came home to the sweetest surprise! a roost wooden fir tree decorated with garland made from buttons and spools, woodland creature ornaments, silver bells, a silver polli ornament, a soft fuzzy owl, a snow globe personalized with my name on it (moriah, i am sure was a little tricky to find), & and to top it off a seahorse, wearing a pink scarf, hand felted by suzannah herself! there was also a menorah that jessica searched high and low for. it suits our taste perfectly, modern and sleek! she also had some pretty personalized letterpress stationary made for us with our names! so with our stockings that i made and stitched our names on we are ready to celebrate!!!! check out these pictures, i am so tickled by it all!

our christmas tree, isn't it lovely?

my mom brought us the potted tree and jessica made those felt trees a couple of xmas ago

the warmest seahorse

our menorah, happy hanukkah!

i heart letterpress, especially all white

hope santa fills them up!

oh mo!

amongst my squeals of delight i felt so supported in the start of my married life with moriah. it feels so poignant to start our own traditions, blending what we each know to create our own celebration! everyday I am so grateful to have suzannah & jessica in my life. it is so wonderful to get to work with these two wholesome, nurturing, witty, wise, & super generous ladies! thank you.

we are each others witness...
love you to pieces...aaron

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea." ~ Isak Dinesen