'tis the season to be jolly and so...

....o'suz is having a holiday bash to kick off the season in style-with spirits and sweet deals.
date: november 19th (next thursday) 
time: 4-8 pm
details are as follows:
we will have spirits to share and it will be the big reveal of the 2 for 1 for this year.
as well, we will be offering 15% off regular merch storewide during those hours, (no exceptions here). the party is casual but private. it's not the party you bring everyone you know and their kids to. not because we don't want a big turn out, but because if rsvp's mean anything at all, we will have a full house. in other words, with this get together, we are hoping to thank our blog readers and our mailing listers,  so if you are reading this, that's you! 

come and see all the xmas goodies we are putting out as i write, including amazing ornaments, cards and stockings as well as the 2 for 1 which is seriously juicy people, just ask aaron: she has been tending to it for months now as we work our way towards the season of giving. we did it last year, much later and it was a huge success, but with much less hooplah. this time we want to make it a treat. so between the xmas cheer and goodies and the 2 for 1, there will be much to see and buy!!! get it while the gettin's good. 

please rsvp to: osuznews@gmail.com