The Great Charley Harper

In 2007 the world lost an amazing artist in Charley Harper, but that doesn't mean that his work and life aren't still being enjoyed and appreciated. This being said, we are proud to have Todd Oldham's book Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life on our shelves. This book is an epic volume featuring over 400 pages of artwork by C. Harper throughout his 60+ year career and the price is right at $49.95, as compared to it's still in print and most lovely predecessor at $200! this book is hands down gorgeous and if you are a lover of art and or of creatures, great and small, this book will make you happy, or better yet make a loved one happy!!

ch memory game, stunning!

amazing ch flashcards

childrens abc book. wait until you see the inside cover!

charley harper coloring book,
most adults that see it, want to color it themselves, it is that cool!

cardinal salt and pepper shakers, great hostess gift!