ushering in autumn

as we, at o'suz, usher in autumn, we also seem to be ushering in some new jewelry artisans with it. no better time, as we were ready for some fresh adornments at our counter! here are just 2 of many new lines awaiting your notice.
megan auman resides in Jonestown, Pennsylvania, where she maintains a studio making sculpture and jewelry. Her work explores the floral patterns found in textiles and decorative ironwork. megan employs a torch welding technique to create her steel jewelry and sculpture.

we also have some of her earirngs in the shop!!

pyrrha designs is based in vancouver where all their work is made. they take their name from the myth of pyrrha and deucalion, a story of 2 young lovers who are the sole survivors of a catastrophic flood. each seal expresses symbolic sentiment through the casting of authentic 19th century wax seals.
the bee seal says mon ami ("my friend" in french). bees are symbolic of wisdom.

the fidelity seal reads fidele en absence (french for "faithful in absence').

the leaf seal reads e ne change qu'on mourant (french for "i change only in death").

the wings and wheat seal is symbolic of protection (the wings) and the achievement of pnes hopes and dream (the wheat).

the carpe diem seal reads carpe diem which means sieze the day in latin.

lots more seal necklaces in the shop plus some of their stunning bracelets.