so just to remind u, we will be closed tuesday (the 4th) and wed (the 5th) for a big rearrange BUT
to celebrate reopening on thursday, and in lieu of a love it post for august, we r going to have a stationary bundle raffle. here's how it will work. for every 20 bucks u spend between thursday and sunday (august 6-9) u get to put your name, or better yet the name of a friend who loves paper too, in our trusty vintage candy jar. monday morn, august 10th, we will draw 3 names and those 3 lucky peeps will get stationary bundles.  so come on all u correspondence hounds and see what u might get! we will have an example bundle behind the counter that u can see from afar thursday and a photo on here perhaps by tomorrow just to get your tails a waggin'!!