ohh la la....best of

i never did a post about our local winnings did i? silly me.... well let me quickly tell those of you who don't already know that "we won some local accolades"!! the cville paper and their reader voted us BEST DOWNTOWN SHOP and BEST PLACE TO BUY A LAST MINUTE GIFT!! check it out! yeah!!!!!! and they had a BIG party...and we all went. todd and i even made a date night of it! first we went to our favorite eatery on this planet, continental divide, (our 2nd favorite is tortugas, in nagshead, nc) and had the yummiest meal with a side of 2 top shelf magaritas. great start to a fun night out. after jessica met us at the divide we made our way to the cville party and met up with aaron and moriah.
to make a long night seem short here are a few pics:

ok, todd, where did u get that ring pray tell?
and a shout of congrats to my dear friend jocelyn
at finch on her fabu winnings!!!

the girls, aaron and jessica with my surly husband
(need i mention he just "loves" how often i take his pic)
note the donut cart though, crazy!

the photo booth was a blast,
great idea cville! thank god they are tiny pics though...

here is where it starts getting fuzzy for me.
what fun though...

there were roller derby girls, sad to say this is not my best photo.
let's just say they were moving fast!!
(or could it be that wine they were pouring)?

last but not at all least, i want to say congrats to my husband who did not know that night that he had won runner up BEST electrician!!!