new york new york

jacob javits

so jessica and i just returned from ny where we found so much new stuff, despite those grim predictions swirling around in the world of retail. lots of regular vendors and artists chose not to be there but lots came!
here is a quick list of some of the usual suspects from a to z:

beba bean
bob's your uncle
bla bla see below
figs and ginger
hobo see below
laurel denise
modern twist
shinzi katoh see below
tokyo milk

just some of the new goodies:
graf & lantz see below
jonathan adler see below
lucky wang
mark poulin
megan auman

this is just a shot of the german felty line booth we got.
he sells coaster sets, oranaments, wall pockets and more.

some of the new colors for fall from hobo

jessica's dream bag which will be on order shortly for her
from hobo, question is black or brown?

crazy jumbo bla bla doll

that's jonathon adler live and in person,
in the green ,we bought a bunch of his ceramics!!!
so excited, wait til u see them!

this is shinzi katoh, isn't he cute?
he was so happy to be photographed!!!

my favorite restaurant in ny, rocking horse cafe:
8th ave btwn 19th and 20th

this is post 2 yummy frozen margaritas and a long day at the show

the crazy strange chandelier at the paramount where we stayed.

shipments are already in route so drop in and see us as we fill up for fall. and don't forget all the accessories jessica ordered a few weeks back. stay tuned for a quick post about those and still waiting on photos from 2 of our stationary winners......
when those are in, i will do a write up on their glee!!!
xo suz