summer lovin'

....well, summer is upon us for sure and some of these pics are proof positive. i don't do personal posts often, but summer has been abundant in so many ways, i'd like to share. mind you, they are in no particular order, just a stream of warm weather indicators and loved ones.

hands down my favorite flowers
and this one has 2 colors, even better!
this particular hydrangea was an anniversary present
from my husband i think. it is some rare hybrid...

dandelion picking, reds favorite past time.

where's red? in the boxwood, but don't tell.

summer sandals, preferable to bare feet
only if to avoid the boo boos on his yummy sausage toes.

my mom (far left) her sister (next to her) and my
brother (far right) singing old time bluegrass at a ruritan hunt club bbq.

a beautiful bowl of strawberries from our garden.
juicy goodness, i think red ate them all!

red, climbing the mountain of sand todd made him.

"here it comes, here comes the wave red are you ready?"

oh the boy loved the beach, just like his mama does

no toys needed.

the diaper came off pronto after this pic,
but i failed to get the naked bottom that warms me so, on camera.

strolling towards the crashing sea, fearless.

only red and his shadow
(and his nervous mama, nearby)

ok, we call this his wifebeater,
certainly did not invent the term
but it's what we call these tanks.
i live in them and so does red.

a needle felted octopus i made inspried by, and made at, the beach!!

hi mama...

in my flower garden, coming up so far,
are massive sunflowers (3 kinds)
shasta dasies, sweet peas, nasturtiam,
and 2 kinds of zinnias. 2 kinds of flowers failed to thrive as
u can see by the middle, will have to fill in perhaps
or just let the weeds move in.

todd's pride includes:
corn, tomatoes, cukes, watermelon,
strawberries, squash, jalapenos,
peppers and lettuces'....