over the past month or so we've gotten in several new lines, and one of the hands down cutest is holztiger, a german company that handcrafts little wooden animals. they hand paint the creatures with water-based acrylic stains that are non-toxic and kid-friendly. of course, the appeal of holztiger animals extends beyond little ones -- who wouldn't want a friendly little piglet sitting on her desk?

and here are some more critters:

even skunks need good homes.

who knew moles could be so endearing?

has anyone else noticed charlottesville is being overrun by groundhogs? this one does a lot less damage to your yard.

has there ever been so cute a mouse?

we got some bigger ones, too.

everyone loves a smiling bear.


hedgies forever!

this is just a small sampling of the menagerie. come find your critter, and stay tuned for more new lines!