ok, so while we are on the subject of aaron, let me tell you a tidbit about her wedding.
she and moriah wed at about 4 pm saturday, june 6, at her friends' farm on garth road, aka horse country in these here parts. she was a most beautiful bride, on a most glorious day, marrying the love of her life, moriah goldman. i am guessing her planning and anticipation paid off when she said her chosen most sacred vows and he his. many of us were there as witnesses to this union, and i can say for myself it was the sweetest ceremony i had ever seen. i have known aaron since she met mo and have watched their love grow most abundantly, never bigger though, then when they made their way down that grassy aisle to spend just mere minutes together as husband and wife, before greeting their loved ones. here are some pics i snapped along the way.
enjoy the peek and let's all wish aaron and moriah a happy life together!